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it may not always be so;and i say
that if your lips,which i have loved,should touch
another’s,…that i may go unto him,and take his hands,
saying,Accept all happiness from me.


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I breathe by your looks


I’m a slave serving time for a life that I’ve forgotten.
if you stand in the middle you can keep your balance;


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selamat datang 


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"I know what to look for in a wave..."

12 April 2018 Thursday

I wonder I really do

slated in mused at 8:31 pm

I have so many questions. However, other things are much more important than knowing

17 March 2018 Saturday

2018 SEAsia memories

slated in moments, memories at 8:32 am

The smiling tuktuk driver; wonderful super mario kart course; beautiful elegant wonderful costumes and fabrics; happy foods, desserts; navigating rain on sidewalks; looking for fireworks across the city; finding favorite remembered foods; Ee-Ee my langsat hero+; A.SJ my cockroach hero (let’s not make that a thing); good gracious cockroach adventures (let’s really not make that a thing); sunsets and sunrises; beautiful beautiful juxtapositions, and many views thereof; chocolate tea with earl grey jelly, found again; ridiculous and happy airport trolley cart rider; dancing and packing; navigating rush hour bangkok; happy babies and their friendship; introducing Asea and Renu28 to people and watching them smile, dance, hope, register domain names; sharing sandals; best friends making somtam; my cousins; infinity pools; double malay wedding and perfect priorities; perfect Bangkok parking; night of the blue blood moon; high strung family and absolutely wonderful family; candlelit showers; night markets fish markets food markets fruit markets; 24-hour fruit+ market; sharing airplane seats; movie tradition; after-hours jacuzzi times; Oathbringer; dancing and packing; secret bookshelf room; elusive burger vendors; wrangling digital photos; laughing ancestors; mango lassi and coconut; heritage foods and lessons; perfect Penang driving; seeking wifi; the longest bridge in Asia (really, guys?); happy family on the motorbike; all the icecreams; wonderful house gardens; creative cny decor; my sister; multiple karoke; guppy fish spa; old friends and new ventures; the whiskey bar, perfect; classical life; hotel lounge life; and thanks for all the fish, and seafoods. See you again soon[er].

16 March 2018 Friday

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Playlist 12/2017

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Josh Ritter – Winter Time (the Snow is Coming Down); Hotel Song “‘Say the highway is for lovers, but he ain’t no friend of mine, cuz every time I find my heart I lose it to that lo…


Misunderstandings -- ~week thereof

, slated in mused 02/12 ::

The theme for this week has been solidly “misunderstandings”. Doesn’t permeate everything, yet very paints/drapes pretty much all.

We all have our reasons—our memories and experi…



, slated in dreams 19/09 ::

Dreams involved I think two sibling pairs of cousins. And a school play. And during rehearsal being expected to sing lead in one of the segments except I was very distracted tryi…


7 September 2017

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Today on her first birthday

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San Diego August 2017

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Is so funny

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Light bulbs

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It has nothing to do with who I am

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Boo iOS, yay Concepts

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I can help

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I <3 Quora

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Vox: Yuval Harari on why humans won’t dominate Earth in 300 years

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“‘Difficult’ and ‘impossible’ are cousins often mistaken for one another, with very little in common.”

10/04 by Scott Lynch - Red Seas Under Red Skies #link quotes

popcorn on stove is

19/01 by WK #link ridiculi

“I’m the official sidekick to whatever it turns out you are.”

18/01 The Magicians #link ridiculi

Bennington - Gracefully

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Bennington - Shhh

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men are like solar panels

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Torchwood + Spike love

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there's someone like you

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no it's really quite annoying

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happy wife happy life no need to use a knife

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Jack Savoretti - Wonder

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The Rescues - Break Me Out

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Young Rising Sons - Red & Gold

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