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Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe.

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I never needed light to see you


But I believe in you so much, I could die for the words that you say.
But I believe in you so much, I could die from the words that you say.


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this~ is my ramblas.
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"I know what to look for in a wave..."

04 January 2018 Thursday


What’s in a [nick]name?

27 December 2017 Wednesday

2017-12-27 Reflections, moods, moments

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Back within the Stormlight Archive and dancing with storms and words and wonders and humanity. And epic Doctor Who is simply lovely. And Mom’s key lime pie means many sweet things to me. My family. Christmas. 2017. Noticing much, noticing how much I’ve not noticed. Cold cold outside today, and continues.. Much gratitude for the basics and the luxury. So much to celebrate. Not an island. Not a coconut. The joy of halite. The pronunciation of dour.

03 December 2017 Sunday

Playlist 12/2017

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Josh Ritter – Winter Time (the Snow is Coming Down); Hotel Song “‘Say the highway is for lovers, but he ain’t no friend of mine, cuz every time I find my heart I lose it to that long yellow line.”
Nine Days – I Feel Fine
Hotspur – Her Majesty; Young & Reckless; Criminal
Snow Patrol – Take Back the City, It’s Beginning to Get to Me
SGNL – Reluctant Hero; Domo


, slated in dreams 19/09 ::

Dreams involved I think two sibling pairs of cousins. And a school play. And during rehearsal being expected to sing lead in one of the segments except I was very distracted tryi…


7 September 2017

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Thirty six years ago, I was born. And chances are good — certainly if relying on past patterns of personal history — that I will be alive at the end of this day. And I take that s…

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Today, on her first birthday, an angel died.


San Diego August 2017

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Is so funny

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Light bulbs

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It has nothing to do with who I am

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Boo iOS, yay Concepts

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I can help

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I <3 Quora

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Vox: Yuval Harari on why humans won’t dominate Earth in 300 years

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Redox signalling molecules

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Accept, Commend, Cherish

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popcorn on stove is

19/01 by WK #link ridiculi

“I’m the official sidekick to whatever it turns out you are.”

18/01 The Magicians #link ridiculi

There’s no sign in beauty unless it starts with Be-You

02/12 #link lyrics

Bennington - Shhh

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men are like solar panels

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Torchwood + Spike love

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there's someone like you

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no it's really quite annoying

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happy wife happy life no need to use a knife

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Jack Savoretti - Wonder

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The Rescues - Break Me Out

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Young Rising Sons - Red & Gold

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Josh Ritter - Homecoming

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