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05 June 2006 Monday


slated in moments at 5:18 am

Didn’t thunderstorm/rain today. Blasted.
Next time I’m making plans regardless of possible rain.

I need a new journal. This would be a good time for a new journal. Much to say, but so much really can’t/shouldn’t be said online. Will go hunting for a a new journal/place of safe-keeping for my thoughts sometime this week or weekend. My head really doesn’t like keeping all its thoughts to itself. Maybe I was saner/smarter/better when I was younger, because I wrote so damn much. Like dreaming… we dream these elaborate dreams so that our brains can process our incredible amount of constant intake. Well, writing being an outlet and conversation, I figure it’s something like the dreams being fragments of past and present and premonition/understanding, to shuffle and assemble so that we can make sense to our conscious selves. Expecially if you’re not constantly speaking with someone else, being completely open and sharing your contexts and thoughts, then there really should be somewhere else for it to go. That’s my ramble. I think I mention this subject a lot.

On another note, apparently I really have lost weight. It’s a lot more real and kinda disconcerting when other people tell me, rather than just noticing it myself when I put on my pants and the belt’s so loose. I chalk it up to the lack of ice cream in my diet lately. ..kind of. Anyway, I’ll eat more. ‘Get a bit more cushy for my tushy.

I think sleep is possible tonight. Last night was good too.

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