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29 June 2006 Thursday

And it's back

slated in moments at 2:53 am

heh… after a fantastic thunder and lightning storm last week, and then off and on rainstorms almost all the time since then,
the sun came out today. no rain this morning. puddles were almost all dry.. water level on the lake back down, birds all happy and that sun…..
sunny and warm and clear all day.. some clouds here and there, but dry all over.

until about an hour ago.
a shortish rainstorm.
but it was done in about 30 minutes, and the new puddles started to dry again.

about 5 minutes ago, the rain returned—with a vengeance.
guess it hadn’t finished its say.
I can appreciate that.

Actually, I’ve been quite okay with the rain this past week. Almost happy with it. I loved today, though, with the sun and the niceness.
But I don’t mind the rain back this evening. And I don’t mind its company this past week.

I’m not saying yay for the people who experienced flooding and other hardships in this area as a result..
I’m just saying.. I really didn’t mind for myself.

Now, this weekend is a different matter. I’m going to be wanting sun and reasonable dryness if at all possible.
*thinks a moment* mm.. you know, I don’t think I’ll mind too much either way. Plenty can be done indoors, listening to the rain fall outside.

As for this this current shower, I don’t think it will last too long either. I think it’s already starting to calm (10 minutes in).

Still left a bit of sunset glow across the sky.

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