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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

02 August 2006 Wednesday


slated in moments, mused at 5:09 pm

I’m grateful for the good people in my life. Not just the fun ones, useful ones, or close ones, but the fundamentally good ones.

Enjoyed the blackout last week.. a nice setting for dinner and chatting by candlelight..

I played with fire. I like doing that. I also tried roasting marshmellows but they didn’t turn out so impressively (not enough space/height in the setting of the flames). Still fun, though.

Starting to see a pattern of what works and what doesn’t. That’s helpful.

I don’t sleep-in lately. Sleeping fine.. but lingering in bed in mornings when that’s an option ends up not working out. I guess that’s good.

Been eating sooo much lately.. Such good food at each meal… Sashimi, basil chicken, sesame chicken, brussel sprouts (surprisingly good.. compliments to the chef), pork, lamb and beef steaks barbequed, ice cream (in between meals)…

Yesterday was really hot. But good frappuccino weather. Those are nice sometimes. Actually, I think the conversation accompanying the frap is the nicest part.

The jar of basil seeds has been confiscated from me cuz apparently I’m getting too much Ying in my system — though I am of the assumption that I’m generally on the over-yanged side..

— That’s plenty about food.

I love family.. in whatever form.. blood or built relationship. Not to say that the interactions can’t be terribly mangled and the dynamics deformed.. but essentially, family survives and unites through tragedy, hardship, they feel pride for each other, joy, they uplift each other and are steadfast and protecting and fundamentally sincere. That’s probably a bit idealistic, but I venture that it’s, at basic, true.

My hair is straight today.

My grandparents and great grandparents+ on either side of my family tree tend to have lived long and healthy lives.. KongKong would’ve been 90 in three months, Grandpa Gang enjoyed his 100th birthday party. I think if people must be mortal, then 80 is a generous number of years in which to experience life, themeselves, others, form memories and bonds and know love and joy and grace.

I like the Power of Now book. I’m going through it slowly, and no miraculous epiphanies yet, but it’s true and challenging.

Spring Forest Qi Gong
On a side note, via my parents, I would recommend Spring Forest Qi Gong to anyone struggling with any disease or physical challenge, emotional malignance, or simply searching for better wellness. Both my parents are quite impressed by it, and I’ve seen it shared with a few others already who have deeply appreciated it. Just wanted to mention.

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