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21 January 2004 Wednesday

a lil in-between time, on cny eve

slated in moments at 2:05 pm

alright.. a few minutes before my phone conference.. then i have to jump in the shower and be ready to go into d.c. for the second interview thing. really breaks up my day. hm. wonder if mom will be back from her errands to drop me there, by then. this is absurd.

anyway, this being chinese new years’ eve and all, and already evening back in Malaysia, my mother called her family (she talked with them last night as well) and let me talk with…pretty much all of them. i told Ee-Ee and Kong-Kong that next time i go i’ll bring someone with me… Kong2 said, ”good. you bring them here and we can chat and get to know..” quite cute. Jie Han may have some time off in March or so, with which he could possibly come visit here.. he’ll start uni/med school in England after that. Jun Hoe wasn’t at Kong2’s yet, but he’ll be going on the allwheeldrive trip up in Cambodia or whatever, in the next few weeks. spoke a bit with every uncle, and some aunties.. Alvin sounds like Alvin :) Alina sounds like Alina :) Christopher is out with his girlfriend of five years or some. the ’lil kids’ were playing football (soccer) out in the yard or something. it was nice being the sukoshiest bit in touch with them..tho so far away and impossible to really talk at all on the phone long distance.

hm. it’s 11:01am now and i haven’t yet talked on my reflections of family way over there, and especially on stuff from last night and how i’m thinking of my place in life and plans for near-future and else. ’think i’ll get to it? each thing as first must go. phone conference time.

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