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16 August 2006 Wednesday

Soul Mates

slated in mused at 11:34 pm

Early this morning on Mix 107.3 FM (The Jack Diamond morning show) (I only ever hear the radio on occasional instances while driving) there was a hearty discussion about Soul Mates. Do they exist? How do we feel about the idea? Etc..

It was kind of a “I absolutely do not believe in soul mates, because…” versus “Well, I think there are soul mates — more than one, though.. because…”

I tend to agree with the latter point of view (— and I do consider it more a point of view than any sort of factual circumstance to acknowledge or dismiss).

I figure that soul mates would be people with whom either your soul has familiarity on a greater spiritual plane (though in human form you may or may not recognize them), or people with whom you’re able to form deeper and higher connections/reach more profound understandings than with other persons, perhaps because of fundamental personality compatability, or perhaps because of a non-typical-human (spiritual connection) understanding.

And there are people who may not have any previous “soul” connection to you, nor are their souls necessarily a natural match for your frequency.. but their personalities or your shared experiences allow for a connection to grow between you, which then could become a “soul” connection, which may well be stuff that soul mates are made of in the next lifetime (a theory that I am neither married to nor have I solidifed, but makes offhanded sense to me).

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