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28 August 2006 Monday

I love my music

slated in moments at 6:05 pm

‘was up for several hours last night (I think it turned out to be at least three solid hours or more) just listening to my music collection, posting some lyrics, exploring the music..
just sitting at my desk, choosing songs, listening (headphones), singing along (quietly)..
Was really happy. It strikes me that I really really like the music that I like.. And I like hearing the songs and thinking of the artists.. some familiar now, some new..
Beautiful lyrics, beautiful melodies, beautiful blend of instruments and voices.. sentiments, emotions, memories, relating personal experiences or imagining unfamiliar experiences described in the music.
I do have fun finding new music.. getting song recommendations from specific friends and compiling collections of music for other friends (I’ve been known to get a little caught up/carried away in doing so ;).. And also just pulling up all kinds of old songs: Daddy music (e.g. Joni Mitchell, Tom Paxton, John Denver, James Taylor.. I love sharing particular new artists/songs with my Dad.. it just really makes me happy to cross that generation gap and that we can genuinely enjoy each other’s music), songs I enjoyed before and during teenage years, and especially songs from just a few years ago, that meant something or that I just loved at the time. I don’t think my music taste has changed all that much in my lifetime.. But my moods certainly change, and I become attached to different artists/styles..
Anyway, I loved listening to the music last night, and I love my music. That’s what I wanted to say.

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