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06 September 2006 Wednesday

About my today

slated in moments at 2:01 am

Got out of bed rather late cuz got into bed really quite late.

Got a haircut today. Lady had amusingly great fun in cutting my hair. Hair cutting people in general tend to express particular liking of my hair, though I figure they do that with most all their customers. Lady today, though, seemed especially excited and interested in the cutting and future styling of my hair. She was quite cute.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the King’s horses and all the King’s men,
couldn’t put Humpty together again.

Don’t know how it came up today, but this rhyme was told and explained ( — I don’t think I’ve ever thought of spelling out the moral of this rhyme before — ) that the moral to the Humpty Dumpty story is reasonably that some accidents/mistakes cannot be repaired, so you should be careful and think about what you do and the situations you put yourself in to avoid irreparable damage.

I was quite amused to hear the moral to this story explained today as such:

“So if you’re an egg, you shouldn’t sit on a wall, or else you might fall and break.”

Yes. If you’re an egg, you shouldn’t sit on a wall. Or else you might fall. And break. If you’re an egg. Take careful note.

Was reminded about someone who used to pinch babies in order to make them cry so that they could then garner credit/self-satisfaction for consoling them back to peace.

I was reduced to a passing life’s lesson.

Wide-stripe horizontal stripes on a shirt will presumably make you look fatter.. but the shirt I tried today somehow made me look uber-skinnier. It was a nice shirt….not a look I’m going for, though.

Got high pulp orange juice. Yay.

Really need to learn when to just quit. It’s dumb that it doesn’t sit [well] with me; dumb that I think that quitting is a weak/selfish thing to do, while being accutely aware of the [extenuating and incredibly aggravated] circumstances.

A guy is laying dead, next to a rock.
Who is the guy and how did he die?

Ask yes-or-no questions until you get the answer.

“Should’ve never started. Ain’t that the way it always ends.”

I’ve decided what this house wants for Christmas.

Time to move some furniture.

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