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19 September 2006 Tuesday

Last Kiss

slated in consumed at 10:20 pm

The boys in The Last Kiss were simple and sad, but their characters were not remotely as ugly as I’ve seen.
Idiots make mistakes. It’s a whole other kind of animal who consciously and repeatedly betrays good and love.

I cried remarkably little during the movie. ‘Desensitized? Or new and drastically stretched threshold?

Main character in the film decided absolutely that it would never happen again and he would not ever again entertain the vicinity of factors that participated in his wrong acts. ‘Accepted his crime—relatively immediately—made a decision to fix it, and stood/lay firm and humble until right again.

Will he screw up again? Maybe. I don’t know him that well.
Does he deserve to be forgiven? Yes—IF he is absolutely sincere and does not ever repeat his crime and does not evermore forget his promises. If he can’t/doesn’t want to keep those promises, then they should be dissolved—not broken.
Does he deserve to have the girl back?
Should she accept him back? In light of their past and in hope of their future… maybe.
Could they be friends?
From that point, yes. They could be.. but again my threshold is pretty warped by this point.

But anyway I’m reminded that they don’t end up working it out. Boy ends up hopping a plane to New Jersey where he’ll fall in love with a pathologically lying Natalie Portman and figure out everything that matters. ...that’s not so believeable from him either though.

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