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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

20 September 2006 Wednesday

5am phone calls

slated in dreams, moments at 7:14 pm

Everything is context.
Receiving multiple phone calls at 5am is actually not necessarily a problem..
It’s who is calling at 5am and why.

Anyway, I’d thought I’d dreamed them.

My actual dreams consisted of an.. abnormal, fast-moving cable-elevator… by ‘cable-elevator’ I mean an elevator that eventually broke out of the building (though while was still in I could feel was no longer going just vertically… though initial verticalness was quite fast and tummy was displeased but I didn’t panic..just toughed through…) turned out to be traveling out along a wire like a ski lift.. First noticed the feeling in my stomach.. The whole reason I’d entered this thing was to try to get back to our (4th?) floor to hotel room.. but earlier elevators I’d found were going to floors 1,3,5,7… (which is plain dumb, btw.) Also, something along the lines of sitting at the back of a bus(?) and two old highschool classmates (one girl, one guy) joining me back there? two classmates I was never close with, but happen to (I realized after I woke up.. hadn’t even been able to remember one of their names during the dream) have last names that are toward the very end of the alphabet.. coincidental? Who knows. What am I thinking? — Is my subconscious actually reflecting what I’m thinking? *shrug*

Playing construction/builder today.. quite the adventure so far.. Poor walls took some damage in the learning process. oh well!

Kind of chilly today/last night.. I’m liking it and not..
I kind of feel like I missed a lot of this summer somehow. Well, not “somehow” and not that it just passed me by.. but.. well.. I’ll go pick up some extra summers somewhere at some point. I’m ready for autumn.

Gosh.. just glanced at my calendar.. time’s moving really quickly actually.. so many things..
Okay okay.. time to get back to construction project.. still have online construction to do later today.

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