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02 February 2004 Monday

33 days in, 333 days left

slated in moments at 3:48 pm

i am informed that today is the 33rd day into the year, and that there are 333 days left, making it a magical day. i had to pause a bit to do the calculations in my head.. it’s not that i didn’t believe the math.. i was just trying to make sense of 33 and 333 adding up to 365. unless it’s a leap year. i checked my calendar. why hasn’t anyone at all yet mentioned in my presence that this year is a leap year? that prolly changes more than just the significance of the 33rd day.

i had lots of dreams last night. or early this morning. prolly early this morning. i was in bed around 11pm.. and attempted to sleep around 12:30am.. but didn’t fall asleep til prolly near 3am.. and i know i was awake again around 6am.

my old neighbor was in my dreams.. in two of them, i think.. i only really remember the first one, now.. a large tent canopy outside… he and one of his friends i don’t know, and lor, were playing with a ball outside.. (our house).. but they were playing rough, and leaving holes in the canopy. i came out and told them off, but came short of telling them they would have to show responsibility and definitely replace the tent, phyiscally and financially. i mulled in my head that if i didn’t like him so much (friend), i would have been more direct when he asked carelessly, “well what do you want/expect us to do?”

in the other dream, the last thing that was said, he said to the other guy who was his friend/roommate.. we were all doing journals of some sort (like the japanese ones we kept in tokyo, i think), and i had been handed back one of mine.. but there were supposed to be two. i hadn’t done the other one cuz it should have involved the guy and he had made himself unavailable or something, i guess. the assignment, btw, had something to do with religion, but i don’t recall now. my old neighbor prodded his friend/roommate to come through as he should, and do the assignment with me. he commented to his friend, for having already failed to have done so, “(just) wait for God to punish you.”

i received two waking phone calls. and my mother burst into my room at one point, looking for her cordless phone.. which, it turns out, was somewhere on her bed back in her room, where she had left it. i wonder if my dad picked up the chocolate chips this morning like he said he would (i guess when he dropped lor at school..), so i can make the poor chocochipcookies that have been waiting, as dough, to be baked for the last few days. (mom said to make them without the chocochips. i insist that a key ingredient of chocolate chip cookies is that it has chocolate chips in it. she says i’m inflexible.)

i guess i would consider noting a bit about the contents of my thoughts from last night, and those related from the past few days/the past few months.. but.. i don’t think i’m ready yet. i’m gonna go see about those cookies. i’m glad there’s sunshine today.

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