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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

24 September 2006 Sunday


slated in moments at 4:14 pm

Good week/weekend.
Good night(s).
Friend’s birthday.. really glad to see people I haven’t seen in a while, some from other lifetimes.. some I hadn’t met before..

Simple decisions.. in or out? Yes or no?
And once the decision’s made, stand by it.. follow through; accept responsibility and continue from there.

I watched the night sky and overhead airplanes for a while.. taking care of myself.
Then went inside, and was essentially taken care of for the remainder of the night.

I’d almost forgotten about the sugar incident..

[ Charlotte Martin played the two songs I like. That’s happy. Audio quality was not so good, but nonetheless. She does seem quite cute.
Curious about “real speed” now after the hype.. ]

I was ready to sleep right after dinner, but I’m actually glad we ended up venturing further out; I like where we went, and the getting there and going home afterward was fun too.
I think if you’re going to be a bartender, the place we were at is the funnest place you could work at: good bar music, singing along loudly (that’s half of where my voice disappeared to), dancing at will, oversized and long bar counter with the hot bartenders or drunk hot and cute girls dancing on top (one girl definitely earned those dollars)…
Bars are not my scene…never have been, never will be… but that’s never meant I can’t/don’t enjoy them.. My character doesn’t change..no made-up stories, false identities, or burying in any part of it. Some people can.
I liked that place, I liked my company, and I think …. well, it was a nice night.

Seemed ironic, tho.

I have a strange relationship with flattery. I think the first layer or three are generally dismissed by default. It’s all pleasant but I’m not sure what it’s expected to mean to me.

I did sleep well.. and apparently much more than everybody else. I’m okay with that.

My relationship status was questioned twice during the night..
‘was amused and a bit skeptical.. My evening would have been quite different; confirmation more than question, I expect.

And looking at the pics taken w/ my phone.. photographs are funny things.. a different angle of your view… a glimpse of you at a different time, in a different mood.. see what other people were seeing when they looked at you. …
It’s a very good picture… ..
Maybe .. that’s what extra-peripheral vision and foresight allows — the predictions and pictures unnecessating photographic evidence.. The truths despite the lies.

Things can go wrong even when you’re trying to do what’s right. Why spend the possible good and right by consciously doing things wrong?

I really appreciate the water.

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