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24 September 2006 Sunday

The Coup in Thailand

A week later and things look well

slated in mainstream at 6:37 pm

Continued from earlier entry: Army strike in Bangkok

Pictures: Things in Bangkok seem to be quite well.

More news: From 2Bangkok.com

The bit more that I’ve learned:
September is coup season for Thailand, though it’s not happened lately..
PM Thaksin was actually advised to be out of the country at this time, so that he would not be arrested… Hopefully Thaksin will lay low for a while yet.
Thaksin = very not cool. But we knew that already.
King didn’t like Thaksin; allegedly might have maybe sort of possibly been aware of the coup beforehand and sanctioned it…. but that’s … totally unofficial and kind of beside the point.
This coup should work out well for Thailand. *hope*
And no, the country should not split off its Muslim pieces.
(Malaysia’s right there anyway.. they could move just a little bit! They go back and forth so much anyhow.)

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