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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

26 September 2006 Tuesday


slated in mood, mused at 2:56 am

Rambling mood/mode..

The purpose of predicting the future, of anticipation and foresight, is to mold, affect the future when it becomes present.
[If you can’t change the future, then what good is the knowing what’s coming before it comes?]

“Later is always later… the future is always later..”

Someone said basically that to me recently.. and my reflex was to argue it. It’s not wrong.. it’s technically, vocabularly exact. But the things that were to be later… that conveyor belt that they’re on… that keeps moving closer until it hits you in the “present”..
or does it… maybe it keeps moving away.. always moving away.. always in the distance.. later.. the future.

“In time, men will know and do all things…”

that’s a paraphrase off one of my favorite quotes, which I am currently not in the mood to seek and properly cite.
But it says “men” will know and do… not “man”.. Man/individuals cannot know and do all things. one lifetime each (regardless of reincarnation) and the choices we make give us our slates and define us and our purpose and worth and characters and values and memories and ..lives.

Later will always be later. Now is now. Now is only different from every other now as a consequence of what happened in all the other Nows preceeding it.

We do what we do now because of what we want in our futures.
Our futures are a result of what we do now.
What we do now is affected by our pasts.
Our pasts … can be redefined by our nows and our futures..
And our futures are affected by..

Basically it’s a whole mess and time is a mental construct and our memories are what keep it all in order..
And the past affect the current and the future, but so do the current affect the past and the future and the future can affect the past and the current.
Just because it happened doesn’t mean it can’t be affected. Doesn’t mean it can’t be changed.
Doesn’t mean you can’t lose the memory, doesn’t mean it can’t mean something else at a different time.

Facts don’t change, but knowledge of the facts do, understanding of the facts do, treatment of the facts do.

History, supposedly of the past and therefore incorrectly thought to be written in stone, changes.


it’s Now. it’s never the past and it’s never the future.
the future gets pulled into the now, and the past gets pulled into the now… but it’s always now. everything that happens, everything that’s felt… memories exist in the now.

So it’s Now what?

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