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20 June 2008 Friday

Universe ate my productivity

slated in moments, molehills at 4:02 pm

Interesting week. ..“interesting” used liberally, but not sarcastically. Mostly really good, some a bit weird or frustrating.. Last night went home after work, having postponed an appointment and skipped a great happy hour event, to work on a project I was given (really last minute, R!) that really needed and deserved polishing before going to printer. Get home late from work, several unusual interruptions, and Illustrator balking at simple 3D rendering even though Logos has more memory than Windows knows what to do with. But I’m trying to chug through, though the going is slow, and I’m feeling frustrated mostly because I know others are waiting on me since this thing goes to print in morning.. So, since the universe decides it would be so very helpful or something, the power goes out all of a sudden. No storm, nothing. All the lights are out, the neighborhood is completely dark.. It’s kind of funny, and mostly ridiculous. The past few weeks there have been powerful storms and coworkers have all been telling me how they were without power for a while.. but it never hurt our neighborhood. Power never went out for more than a blink, just once.. But now, on a clear, beautiful night when I actually need to be up and using my computer and also need to be taking a shower at some point later that night (though this was prolly around 1am already, I spose..) the power goes ::poof:: and doesn’t come back. … Oy.

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