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22 June 2008 Sunday

Facebook invites are out of control

This is ridiculous

slated in stuff at 8:58 pm

4 friend requests1 friend detail request12 group invitations7 (lil) green patch requests1 washington capitals invitation36 friends for sale invitations1 pillow fight request7 knighthood invitations4 scramble invitations2 own your friends invitations12 buy your friends invitations1 mafia wars invitation1 wrestling invitation1 visual bookshelf fri request1 visual bookshelf invitation2 dope wars invitations1 you got pimped request11 good karma requests1 the l word request1 burma, it can’t wait invitation1 hobowars invitation7 cause invitations3 cause invitations1 game invitation1 fun toy request1 which toon are you? request1 play with invitation1 hotties for sale request1 you’re a hottie request1 what drink are you? request1 private message request1 mark’s superhero invitation1 superhero invitation1 sweetest person request2 be a billionaire! requests2 social me requests2 chess requests1 naughty sale request1 are you happy request1 nations invitation1 are you a pirate, ni request1 invite request1 compare request1 compare invitation1 addicted to battlest invitation3 speed racing invitations2 speed racer invitations1 mob wars invitation1 10 second interview invitation1 heroes ability request1 ability invitation4 my heroes ability requests1 what beatles song de invitation1 american accent test invitation2 lovability requests2 hug requests1 i am green invitation3 fight club invitations1 flirt request1 what kind of a dog s request1 frech kiss request1 your birthday invitation1 what type of person request1 pirates invitation2 counter strike invitations2 wedding calculator invitations1 armyfight invitation1 farmwars invitation5 vampires invitations4 vampire invitations1 what supervillain ar request1 what marvel characte request1 spark invitation2 past life invitations1 private gallery invitation1 funwall friend request1 rose color invitation1 movie quiz request4 movies friend requests1 ski and snowboard request2 secret admirer invitations4 zombies invitations2 zombie invitations4 werewolves invitations1 werewolf invitation5 slayers invitations2 what hollywood super invitations2 meet new people invitations1 eye quiz invitation1 hatching eggs request1 tv show badges and c invitation1 driver invitation1 packrat invitation1 rockstar cars invitation2 what does your birth requests2 cuddle requests2 chinese new year requests1 birthday calendar invitation1 crush alvin chong ? invitation2 hug requests1 cupcakes request1 oregon trail invitation1 your sexual fantasy? invitation1 which disney princes invitation1 which greek god are invitation1 profile invitation1 perfect match invitation2 brain game requests1 what dictator are yo invitation1 pandora invitation1 addicted to csi invitation1 what serial killer a invitation1 sticker request2 streetrace invitations4 are you interested? invitations1 what kind of guy wil invitation2 skiers vs. snowboard invitations1 triumph invitation1 hug request2 fear the turtle invitations1 bless you request1 knock on my door invitation1 pillow fight request1 reveal request1 pet dragons request1 growing gifts invitation1 grow-a-gift invitation1 gift request7 poker- help a friend invitations2 texas hold’em invitations1 logical vs creative invitation1 smile request2 my questions friend requests1 my questions request1 my questions acquain request6 my questions friend requests1 addicted to family g invitation1 travelmap invitation1 happy pills request1 leslie’s emily stree request1 poker buddies request1 emily street homies request1 blackjack invitation2 petrolhead invitations1 zodiac animal invitation1 starcraft invitation1 starcraft cows invitation1 starcraft invitation1 wishabi request1 send sms invitation1 hot potato request1 hot potato request2 bumper sticker invitations1 are you normal? invitation1 idescribe invitation1 heritage invitation1 facebook addiction request1 invitation4 relative requests2 pink ribbon invitations1 risk invitation3 fotoflexer invitations1 my room invitation4 ninja invitations1 likeness unrated request1 pimps! request1 games request2 top friends friend requests1 rock paper & scissor invitation1 traveler iq challeng invitation1 traveler iq invitation1 vibrating hamster request1 booze mail request3 get double dared invitations1 oktoberfest request2 invite requests1 happy hour request5 game invitations1 art of war quotes invitation2 mardi gras invitations1 my garden invitation1 my solar system invitation1 greenbook request1 scrabulous request1 the bakery request2 my purity test invitations2 get superlatives invitations1 rockband invitation1 werewolf invitation1 likeness quiz request1 acebucks request

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