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18 April 2004 Sunday

Sam Bisbee

slated in stuff at 2:37 am

found this song, You Are Here by Sam Bisbee. go check out the truly wonderful video and song at www.sambisbee.com. i know he’ll be found all over the place soon… ‘reminds me of a cross of ‘Postal Service’ and ‘the Eels’ and ‘Jimmy Eat World’ (—though significantly softer) and good stuff. *happy* to have found him.

another new favorite is ‘Saves the Day’:

“ever since i first saw you, standing in the black frozen night, ive been blind // but im driving in the dark towards you, not stopping til i catch the sun light in my eyes // nothing’s left to hide”

“i hope, your majesty, that you like your position. // i’ll do everything i can to keep you by my side, and i’ll stare off through the darkness to find us a kingdom // just kiss me before I go // ...i’ll have to walk a thousand miles just to find the ground deserving of your feet…”

a few deserved acknowledgements for some not-as-new favorites before i go:

Death Cab For Cutie’:

“when i see you, i really see you upside down // but my brain knows better.. it picks you up and turns you around // turns you around, turns you around // so if you feel discouraged that there’s a lack of color here, please don’t worry, love—it’s really bursting at the seams, absorbing everything // ...this is fact—not fiction // for the first time in years”

Third Eye Blind’:

“i’d know what to do if i just knew what’s coming // i would change myself if i could.. i’d walk with my own people, if i could find them // and i would say that i’m sorry to you // i’m sorry to you, but i don’t want to call you // —but then i want to call you cuz i don’t want to crush you // —but i feel like crushing you
and it’s true, i took for granted you were with me // i breathe by your looks
and you look right through me”

Vertical Horizon’:

“there’s no point in running ‘less you run with me // it’s half the distance through the open door, before you cut me down—again // let me introduce you to the end … // i will soar until the wind whips me down; leaves me beaten on unholy ground // so tired now of paying my dues; i start out strong, but then i always lose // it’s half the distance before you leave me behind ..it’s such a waste of time

here i slave inside of a broken dream, forever holding on to splitting seams // so take your piece (/ peace) and leave me alone to die // i don’t need you to keep my faith alive

i know now what trouble can be, and why it follows me so easily // it’s half the distance through the open door before you shut me down—again // so let me introduce you to the end”

and the one that’s still kept its place in my head as of late: ‘Lifehouse’:

“don’t give up on me yet.. don’t forget who i am // i know i’m not there yet, but don’t let me stay alone”

now, ‘going to bed.

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