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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

21 August 2008 Thursday


at 4:29 pm

Headache this morning.

Good Charlotte’s Misery is a solid mash for The Sounds’ Living in America.
Side note: My D2 (mp3 player) always (unless resuming a previously played song) starts on the Good Charlotte folder. I always skip to something else, but I wonder why it picks Good Charlotte. G is not the start of any folder listing, and it’s not the center, either. And it always started on the same loud song, so I eventually deleted that song in retaliation. Now I think it’s picking the next song, though I’ve been mostly in resume-mode lately, so haven’t occasioned the Good Charlotte folder too much. I wonder what my D2 is thinking.

I think that yesterday I date-stamped everything with two days’ ago date. So now everything will reflect that I took one day longer to do everything than ends up being so. Catastrophe.

New happy show/site/source: Nova Science Now.

I have become hasty in my older age. I think it’s correlated with a dependency on FIOS+ speed internet and that upbringing/culture. And/or I’ve developed S-OC-AD-D (Selective Obsessive Compulsive Attention Deficit Disorder). All this ends up meaning that once I have a working power supply again, I’m going to have a dandy time with trial and error to figure out the order in which to reconnect Logos’ internal harddrives (3).

I don’t need all this mulling. I also don’t need so much social responsibility. Not dramatic, just so. And it’s not that I think it’s necessarily so so much, it’s just much more than I need. I need solid ground right now. I need space and/or support. Directness, honesty, clarity.
Saves the Day – Driving in the Dark

Listen, I am heroic enough to say “I love you” when I love,
heroic enough to sing a song and mean it,
heroic enough not to faint at the toss of a shawl
or the tilt of a baseball hat or the flick of tie.
And you are, too.

I think I’m pretty selective about the songs that I love, but I love sooo many songs. I can’t help it that people make so much darn good music for me to love.

Social network notifications brought up a friend who’s not on the networks. It’s been many years. I wish I could know how they’re doing now. It’s not really that I need to know all about what they’re up to/exactly where they are, but I would like to hear that they’re engaged or married; happy; feeling good about themself and their choices in life. It’s not my responsibility, nor has it really been my business for a long time, but it would make me happy. Still leaving them be, and trust..
Josh Ritter – Snow is Gone
It’s sad to lose a friend. More stupid than sad, really. But it ends up just feeling sad.

I have to drive to Hanover. That’s far. Also, very little is there, nor on the way there. Thank gracious for the music.

I need more cheese.

People who vehemently judge the number of spaces after periods need more hobbies and tragedies in their lives. Or maybe they need to get laid.
But I give a f about an oxford comma.
— just not about what it’s called. Nor do I do much more than notice it on others’ writings. Punctuation does not boil my blood.

A recent conversation:
me: ::whine whine whine::
friend: Is there anything I can do to help?
me: ::serious answer with brief but genuine ideal regarding the specific friend being spoken with::
friend: I was thinking more along the lines of buying you a cookie.

I would beat the silly dust out of you.

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