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05 May 2004 Wednesday

other timelines

slated in mainstream at 1:25 pm

well here’s a fun idea: othertimelines.com. just what it says.. i’m not sure this particular site has done a great job of it.. and i don’t have quite the time right now to explore it/others, but i think it’s a fun idea and i’d like to see some really intelligent, elaborate versions of it, that would explain the cause and effect (to at least some degree…certainly can’t cover terribly much that all goes into one broken butterfly wing) of the events of note. i’m pleased with the idea. ‘came across it because i am having a heck of a time remembering the word for those… alternate/parallel realities and such.. there was that show, Sliders... hm.. maybe there isn’t a word for it. ‘alternate universe theory’ it is, then. or something. k then.

Comments on other timelines

  1. me
    I always liked the idea of alternate realities..but the more I thought of it, the more I realized the impossibility of a realistic assesment of alternate realities. It's inherently the idea of Chaos theory, there ultimately might be a pattern, and a method to the madness, but at this moment in time, it's totally beyond our comprehension. There are just so many variables and is far from linear. If A changes, then it's not just B that's affected. It's not really the domino theory. It's easier to predict what will happen several hours after the changed event, but the further and further down the time line one goes, the harder it will be to predict anything...like the weather, since today is nice, tomorrow probably will be too...but it gets harder and harder to tell with any certainty what will happen two or three or twenty days down the road. There are just too many variables. The best way I ever heard it told was the butterfly effect, a butterfly waves it's wings in Hong Kong and it rains the next day in Central Park. One small altercation in the weather patterns gradually steamrolls into something unexpected. Chaos theory says that somewhere there is an equation for it...but that's really all it says...we just don't have it. So what would happen if Alexander didn't die at 30 something? If the Roman Empire lasted longer than it did? If the North got whooped in Gettysburg? It's rather simple to surmise what would have happened up till about a day and a half afterwards...then...save God, no one can really imagine. I just don't think we're equipped to think that way...or maybe it's just in the remaining 80% of the brain power we have at our disposal. I should go work now, shouldn't I? :) I love you.
    commented Wed 05 May 2004, 02:08:44 PM :: link
  2. the version of the butterfly effect that i tend to recall is where people travel back in time to prehistoric days.. someone accidentally steps on a mosquito which was supposed to carry the blood of some dinosaur and somehow it all gets totally screwed up. for us, anyway. okay, the thing about the whole 'impossible to approach chaos theory' thing... well, yes.. chaos theory and predetermination are huge and wonderful/terrible concepts of which i would love to contemplate and discuss further. but what we were approaching was an attempt to interpret the concept of of 'Godpower'. the whole thing from the last few posts was to wonder whether God could comprehend all the magnitudes of nuances of thought and history and prehistory and all time and all place and all things. cuz hey, if he can do that, then... remember how i say there's a greater consciousness.. that our current consciousness is... infantile by comparison.. it's like.. a goldfish trying to grasp all of what a human engineer--with all the capacity to design and build a skyscraper--knows and understands. the human engineer can sort out all the details; can see the big picture and keep sight of all the tiny pieces... or at least delegate and govern a crew effectively to competently maintain control of all of it. the little goldfish? or guppy, even, (i do like guppies).. the little guy can't possibly understand all of that. land? concrete?? building materials to specifically withstand wind and sun? electricity for elevators? what is all that to a fish? but it's part of our world. barely a second thought. so, God. if earth-born humans are so beyond earth-born guppies/goldfish, then what of ?-? God, beyond earth-born humans? that's the concept i adore. that all of that IS graspable. IS controllable. is wonderful. :)
    commented Wed 05 May 2004, 02:47:04 PM :: link
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