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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

05 October 2009 Monday


slated in mused at 12:35 am
  1. I wouldn’t bet against me.
  2. I dislike faux/fake buttons, pockets, zippers, buckles, etc.
  3. There are relatively few foods that wouldn’t be made better with the addition of mushrooms.
  4. Labradorite goes with everything.
  5. I believe in love.
  6. I believe in timshel.
  7. I am not a runner.
  8. I like people more than places;
  9. I love ideas more than things;
  10. I really like a lot of things.
  11. Chocolate chip cookies are the best; also, a natural choice for breakfast.
  12. I like all sorts of cheeses and wines for essentially the same reason; I like cheese more than wine.
  13. I like chocolate, cookies, fruits, and nuts, but I generally believe in only two of those belonging together.
  14. Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.
  15. I like smiling at people and things (nice kids are especially nice to smile at).
  16. I really like driving (sometimes; passengers or lack thereof make all the difference).
  17. I love pockets.
  18. I like technology. A lot.
  19. I’m a big fan of nature.
  20. I’m not a fan of insects in general, though I can find them good and interesting if they’re not in my room or trying to bite me.
  21. I love good music and good books and good food and good things.
  22. I love my family and am very grateful for them and don’t do remotely enough to deserve them, though I intend to do better by them.
  23. I am a writer by nature, however I am awed and humbled by those who are additionally writers in talent and in practice.
  24. I’ve always liked bookstores and office supply stores.
  25. Raincoats should have hoods. (Even if they’re detachable.)
  26. I am an early adopter.
  27. I am a questioner.
  28. I am a skeptic, an optimist, a realist.
  29. I believe very much in possibility and in making new windows and doors.
  30. I believe in And, over either/or.
  31. I don’t like cynicism.
  32. I like tradition.
  33. I love outside the box.
  34. I believe in rules. I believe rules are less important than their intention, and do not supersede life.
  35. I believe in oxford commas.
  36. I like colored paperclips.
  37. I’m surprised by how girly I can sometimes be.
  38. I apparently like the word “vehemently”. In my head, it has four syllables.
  39. I like talking to myself; I’m good company to me.
  40. I cannot cry on queue (even if I try really hard); however, I cry at news reports, national anthems, weddings, movies, good books, commercials….
  41. Holes in denim (especially) should be earned not bought.
  42. Leggings are fantastic however they are not pants.
  43. I believe in wearing respectable clothes on airplanes, especially through airports.
  44. Respectable clothes can be comfortable, even very comfortable.
  45. Ideas are the best.
  46. I’m a big fan of curiosity
  47. I like dark themes on all my screens, and so many lumens in my daylight.
  48. I’m way better at washing dishes when wearing noise-cancelling headphones, listening to danceable music.
  49. My feelings are my own, and require no answer/reciprocation/feedback from others to sustain.
  50. I love a lot of people.
  51. I know that caring does not dictate responsibility nor require action, though the knowing is not yet reflected in my reflex.
  52. I love friendstacking.
  53. I am reckless with my limbs at home around corners and furniture.
  54. I really love the people I love.
  55. I accept that there are different kinds of love, and my experience maintains: if it is real it does not end; relationships change, as do intentions, interpretations, and needs; actions, wants, and feelings have no mandatory correlations.
  56. Mortality matters.
  57. Health is Everything. I’m still considering this open-ended, however everything ever so far has proven this to be so.
  58. I do not like velcro. Because it is NOISY. Silent secure velcro is totally excellent. And rare.
  59. I believe it’s perfectly okay to love milk chocolate, however it is not anything okay to put milk chocolate chips in chocolate chip cookies. Not. Okay. That was a dark day in my life and I will do what I can to never experience that again, and save others as possible from a similar horrific experience.
  60. I love [to eat] tuna. I don’t like albacore (blockier texture and comparatively bland).
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