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15 June 2004 Tuesday

Migrating from Rasasayang.net

slated in site-building at 1:09 am

Good gracious. I seem to have successfully imported all of my rasasayang.net Movabletype entries into this Textpatterned site, all thanks to this fabulous thread in the Textpattern Forum. thank you ramanan, thank you. Now it will be a matter of importing the design.. I’m inclined to make a whole new one, though.. but my rasasayang.net weblog/site never really had a public opening, so I don’t think it’s fair to discard that design. It’s hardly had a chance at life. We’ll see though.. I already have the smoky wisps of a new design theme whispering at me.

Note: everything pre-June 8, 2004 was written either in Movable Type @ rasayang.net, or at Xanga.

Afterthought: shocked gonna have to figure how to bring over my smiley faces from rasasayang as well.

Furtherafterthought: ..that’s actually one scary-looking smiley face.

Andfurtherstill: it seems that, as a result of the migration, comments have been closed on all the old posts that came in from Movabletype. Not a big deal. Wonderful that the existing comments seem to have come through okay. I, however, am not a fan of closing comments in general; on several occasions I have encountered an interesting post on someone else’s site that is several months/years old, wherein the comments option has been closed. So then I can’t comment on that particular post, which is just a little bit sad.

I’m still reeling a little that the importation was so easy and flawless (after the searching through the forums to find and decide which technique to attempt.. lucky that the first real attempt worked really well! *happy*).

Comments on Migrating from Rasasayang.net

  1. If you want to turn comments back on, you can do it using a SQL query. Try this one:

    update textpattern
    set annotate = 1;

    That will turn commenting back on for ALL the posts in your textpattern blog.

    Of course, to run the query you will need some sort of access to the database itself. Most hosts let you run phpMyAdmin. If you have it installed, then you can go to the textpattern table, click on the sql tab, and run this query there.
    commented Tue 15 Jun 2004, 03:08:44 AM :: link
  2. purplekim
    it will be cool when u can move that purple smiley over…=)
    commented Tue 15 Jun 2004, 12:41:05 PM :: link
  3. For you, I’ll make it a priority ;)
    commented Tue 15 Jun 2004, 12:45:36 PM :: link
  4. re: rasasayang post
    Dear purplegirl, weep not for rasasayang.net, for it will rise from its ash in reincarnation—like a colorful, billowy phoenix or some other such ash-rising creature..
    And the smilies, too, shall live again, in purpleness and proper character.
    You know what I think, though? Just wait til the world sees yours. :)
    commented Tue 15 Jun 2004, 01:42:10 PM :: link
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