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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

02 November 2004 Tuesday

Playlist 11/01/2004

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Howie Day – Collide

The dawn is breaking.. a light shining through… you’re barely waking, and i’m tangled up in you.
well i’m open, you’re closed.. where i follow, you’ll go.. i worry i won’t see your face light up again. ..
Even the best fall down sometimes, even the wrong words seem to rhyme.. out of the doubt that fills my mind, i somehow find: you and i collide.
i’m quiet, you know. you make a first impression. i’ve found i’m scared to know i’m always on your mind. ..
…out of the back, you fall in time.. I somehow find: you and I collide.
Don’t stop here… I lost my place… I’m close behind.

Jimmy Eat World – The World You Love

I’ve got a story that’s almost finished, now all i need is someone to tell it to.. maybe that’s you. … we still have our fun..oh we had it once… the windows open and close—that’s just how it goes …
don’t it feel like sunshine after all.. the world we loved forever gone… we’re only just as happy as everyone else seems to think we are….
i’m in love with the ordinary… i need a simple space to rest my head and everything gets clear.. i’m a little ‘shamed for asking, but just a little helps—it gets me straight again; helps me get over it, over it. it might seem like a dream, but it’s real to me.. …

Jimmy Eat World – 23

It was my turn to decide; i knew this was our time. no one else will have me like you do; no one else will have me — only you. you’ll sit alone forever if you wait for the right time — what are you hoping for? i’m here and now i’m ready, holding on tight; don’t give away end. one thing that stays mine…
amazing still it seems… i’ll be 23… i won’t always love what i’ll never have; i won’t always live in my regrets.. …

Sister Hazel – Dreamers

Just turn around; turn away from me… before i lose my head. just turn around but remember me, and how you left me dead inside…
We were gonna be different; now where did those dreamers go?
I was the one who’d paint the stars and watched you while you slept. You were the one who held my heart and smiled as it leapt inside..
We were gonne be different, now where did those dreamers go? Well I guess they died.. we got older, and then you lied.. ‘didn’t have to.
I don’t know where I should go from here, cuz I never expected this of us.. I’m only hanging on by a string.. I don’t know anything anymore…
You didn’t have to..
‘didn’t have to…

Sister Hazel – Firefly

She’s not like anyone—else you wonder why she captured you like a firefly and makes you shine, like you never could alone..
and tell me, can you see her shining through a crowded room where she’s the view, and maybe she’ll embrace your innocence, maybe…
… she speaks and breaks your intellect… and she’s allowed to change her mind. oh just you try to stop her, yea.. …

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