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25 November 2004 Thursday

I'm around

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Happy Thanksgiving to all.

I guess I’ve been sukoshi quiet around here lately… A lot that I’m trying to get done.. and more than that, which should get done.

A lot of my attention has been tied up in a Textpattern community site that i wanted up and running sooner than later… it came about kind of suddenly, actually… that’s what happens when i’m sitting somehwere, being told i should be concentrating on a specific task or subject… i very quickly find something else far more interesting to devote my attention and energy to. So that was opened last night and there’s still a fair amount of work to be done on it, and that will happen and that will be good. Thank goodness for Remillard—how would it have even begun to work nicely without conditionals on the custom fields? And I think the company was the best part… tens more fun to build a site/a publication/anything when you have good people working with you and sharing your enthusiasm. Thank you.
Ever bit of feedback and small comments received by other Textpatterners in this regard have each meant a lot to me also.. whether criticism or compliment.. Very appreciated, and very useful.

So that’s happy.

We’re having a fair-sized Thanksgiving gathering at our house this evening… family friends… Dad’s taking care of all the traditional Thanksgiving foods: the best (organic, of course) turkey ever, cranberry soft, homemade stuffing (i helped cut the vegetables :)), mashed potatoes (it’s not Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes) with mushroom gravy (i think we’ll have to stop by the store to fetch mushrooms among other things, today), and either biscuits or muffins or popovers (whichever Dad’s decided to make..) and then Mom’s making “her apple tart/pie” (it’s a world premiere…) and i’m told that ham will be coming, along with assorted Asian dishes… so… we won’t starve tonight. And soup and sandwiches for the next few weeks, of course.

It’s been pretty warm here for the past weekish (please don’t let this statement jinx it please don’t let this statement jinx it).. the windows in my room are partially open and at times i don’t even need a light jacket arund… there has been a bit of rain and cloudiness here and there at times, but… it’s usually freezing by this point in the year, and the only happy place is under 10 quilts and blankets in my room, or after sitting in front of the fireplace for 5 minutes and having regained feeling in my fingers.

i’ve been keeping a lamp on Rhine and Abra from the time i wake til right before i sleep, to keep them warm. they seem to be doing quite alright..

i should go downstairs soon and see where else i can assist with this whole Thanksgivingness… and so much else i want to do…

Comments on I'm around

  1. You’re more than welcome. It was fun! It’s more fun to code with company, too.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!
    commented Thu 25 Nov 2004, 06:54:07 PM :: link
  2. me
    Happy thanksgiving. You’ve been missed today.
    commented Fri 26 Nov 2004, 07:08:40 AM :: link
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