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03 February 2005 Thursday

early February 2005

slated in moments at 7:01 pm

k. i was pretty excited about that list thing. i’m sort of over it now.. sort of not yet. but at any rate, moving right along….

Abra’s home…
Rhine apparently had an unfortunate incident with a self-inspired diving expedition — directly into a nearby heating vent. He’ll be missed.
sincerest best regards to Hobbes where’ere he be, also.. i was kinda a bit allergic to him, but i liked him much nonetheless. i know he’s missed.
i’m making pizza today. ‘made the dough this morning… i’m pretty sure i messed it up, but maybe.. maybe it will solve itself while it’s rising through the day.
Lorense is gone to cut his hair, and may (god-willing) come home not looking like a member of a boy-band anymore (— not bashing those who currently look like boy-band persons… but my brother really doesn’t bangs.)
the snow’s melting much outside, but there’s still a solid amount of it about.
Bluey’s in the driveway. that’s kind of comforting, in a way…
i like that our brains naturally tend to pretty solidly and subconsciously remember things like how to drive, even if you haven’t done it in ages. would be nice if remembering history and formulas and stuff worked the more similarly for more of us.
the green seedless grapes i picked up this morning are thoroughly fantastic. early morning shopping is sensible.
this site’s pretty cluttered. i feel a bit badly about that, but it’s a pretty overwhelming to consider cleaning/revamping it now. i’ll just whine about it for a few more many months.
i kind of purposely didn’t pick up ice cream today. i’m starting to feel a bit sad about that now, though.
are those snow flurries i see, falling lightly, through my window?

Comments on early February 2005

  1. after about 3 hours of napping… those “snow flurries” have called all their relative flurries and turned into a full-out soft snow shower. i wake up to see everything recovered in snow.
    commented Fri 04 Feb 2005, 12:12:50 AM :: link
  2. The brain is a cool thing (more or less). I used to play clarinet in school. I used to know by heart a seven minute solo. I couldn’t have written it down without a huge amount of work, but my fingers remembered.

    I think there are special bits of memory reserved for remembering physical tasks. When I was working at Northrop, I had several numbers I had to remember for cypherlocks. Most of them I did not remember by number. However I could go up to the lock and punch it in. If I tried to think about it, it’d fail.

    commented Fri 04 Feb 2005, 05:59:57 AM :: link
  3. alberto
    Yo. Honduras is cool. Miss you heaps, babe.
    commented Sat 05 Feb 2005, 09:39:46 PM :: link
  4. alberto
    Re the whole brain thing. I´m much like that as well. I start playing piano and my fingers know what they´re doing before my brain does. This is especially true when I´m doing something that requires speed, if I start thinking about it, then I´ll tend to mess up, but if I just let my body do it´s thing, then it´s just fine.
    commented Sat 05 Feb 2005, 09:41:36 PM :: link
  5. I think it was a Madeleine L’Engle book that talked about fingers having grey matter (brain material) in them.
    commented Sun 06 Feb 2005, 09:01:20 AM :: link
  6. i like her.
    the brain/physical action thing is also what makes it possible to type so quickly..

    i wonder what the potentials are for expanding those characteristics of the brain… maybe transferability?
    gosh i like the things our brains can do: manage functions without our consciousness, act on reflex, make new connections out of old information.. surely we can figure out telekinetics and telepathy too… if we can just figure out how to know enough..
    commented Sun 06 Feb 2005, 06:24:28 PM :: link
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