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03 February 2005 Thursday

Playlist 02/03/2005

slated in playlists at 7:25 pm

A few good new songs running through my winamp.

Sondre Lerche (apparently last name is pronounced “Lair-keh”…do i have that correctly now?) is goodness. Check out: Two Way Monologue, Sleep On Needles, Days That Are Over, It’s Over, and his others…
Sondre Lerche – On The Tower

if that’s a tear i see, if it’s because of me, then i may well have to tell you what i would do; but to play is easier than to set the groove and to think is more simple than changing the mood. is it more, is it less? what’s that thing on your chest? won’t you whisper your blues as heartfelt as you can?
meet me halfway, by the bedrock, on the tower…
if i translate you wrong when i complete your song, that would be my two feet stumbling ahead of me.. i could tell you the tricks that i think hurt you best — about the house packed with people and their loneliness — but the hour is so late; take some weight off your chest; let’s just pray for our fates and then give it a rest.
go get yourself up straight; i’ll throw a melody that is as serious as it is simple.

Sondre Lerche – Maybe You’re Gone

you have been waiting all your life; you use your patience to stay fine. time moves on as you prepare to tell yourself be reasonable. then come the times you can’t foresee.. you cannot leave, you can’t release; to keep you far from those dreams, gnoring the right times… oh, waiting was my life.
for now it’s too late, for you may not wait and things that i have yet to know vanish before they’re complete. i may turn around
to see if you’re still there, but as for now, it’s just not safe. maybe you’ll wait for me, maybe you’re gone.
you’ve been preparing all your life, you’ve had some trouble getting it right.. and you try to tell yourself it may work, as it should. but something good can do much harm; the good may kill for your embrace to keep you far from those dreams you know you cannot dream. i’m stuck for now, it seems

St. Germain is fun. Try Soul Salsa Soul and Rose Rouge.
Eastmountainsouth is soothing. Listen to: You Dance, and Hard Times among others…
Eastmountainsouth – So Are You To Me

as the music at the banquet, as the wine before the meal, as the firelight in the night… so are you to me.
as the ruby in the setting, as the fruit upon the tree, as the wind blows over the plains… so are you to me.
as the wind blows over the plains, so are you to me; so are you to me.

Eastmountainsouth – All The Stars

they would say you were destined for greatness and I could see it in all the faces: how they loved you, they adored you. but you would sing with a pain they never knew.
all the madness was never familiar and their affection was much too peculiar to sustain you, to protect you, to ever save you from the pain they never knew.
all the stars that fill the sky… they burn out before our eyes
all the sadness you carried inside — you never showed it, it was easy to hide. you’d tell your stories in all their sorrow; you’d take the stage like there was no tomorrow.

…Alright… after my nap now… i’m still really sleepy and my eyes don’t want to look at computer monitor… so i’m gonna finish this up really quick.. but should not discredit the remainder of the mentioned artists/songs…
here’s the rest of the sample:

Nick Drake – Fly

please give me a second grace, please give me a second face. i’ve fallen far down the first time around. now I just sit on the ground in your way.
now if it’s time to recompense for what’s done, come, come sit down on the fence in the sun and the clouds will roll by and we’ll never deny it’s really too hard for to fly.
please tell me your second name, please play me your second game.. i’ve fallen so far, for the people you are. i just need your star for a day.
so come, come ride in my my street-car by the bay, for now I must know how fine you are in your way. and the sea sure as i
but she won’t need to cry, for it’s really too hard for to fly.

Over The Rhine – Give Me Strength
Neil Halstead – Seasons, Two Stones In My Pocket
Straylight RunIt’s For The Best
Jesse McCartney – Without You
Alex Parks – Maybe That’s What It Takes
Sven Libaek – Open Sea Theme
Whiskeytown – Choked Up
Shivaree – Goodnight Moon
TV on the Radio – New Health Rock
Joe Purdy – Washed Away, You Don’t Like Me Anyway
The WeakerthansTime’s Arrows
Recipe – World Swirl
Akeboshi – Wind

Comments on Playlist 02/03/2005

  1. alberto
    Nick Drake is really good. I also like the ali mix you gave me, too. Gary Jules´ something else is a great song.

    commented Sat 05 Feb 2005, 09:43:08 PM :: link
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