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04 April 2005 Monday

Update on the (stupid) blockquote thing

slated in site-building at 10:53 pm

referring to previous post:

not very surprisingly, floating the blockquote came back to majorly bite me in the behind. after a long while of wanting to kill things, i finally isolated the problem to be the blockquote float.. but now that i’ve removed the float, the previous problem has thoroughly returned. all my problems are in IE, mind you.. and probably safari too, but what i can’t see i can’t immediately attempt to tackle and further frustrate myself with.

so i am currently still hunting on the solution to the “everything after the blockquote loses a couple pixels on the left” issue.

*3 mintues later:
ah-hah. found a reference to the problem, and solution:
(and supposedly i should be apologizing to the blockquote, but i’m not going to do that because the problem still links through the blockquote and ultimately it’s all IE’s fault but that’s already established and tired and so this is IE and the blockquote’s fault. mostly IE though. humph. most demanding and unrewarding browser ever.)

* {zoom: 1.0;}

says SuzyUK:

I had noticed that the links above the first blockquote didn’t shift it was only links after that that would shift a line of text that had a link in it a couple of px to the right.

The ie “Cure All” to provide a dimension/layout to the affected elements had worked when applied generally
* {zoom: 1.0;} but then when I tried to apply it to the affected element, it wasn’t obvious what the affected element actually was. The <a> elements themselves, are involved but sometimes they’re in a <p> sometimes they’re in a <ul>..

So stripping excercise again :( While stripping the code I removed the borders of the blockquote ~ Hey presto the jumping stopped.. so then just to be dramatic I added 20px borders instead, now you see the problem much clearer, and the bit I hadn’t noticed before : It now resembles another “well known ie Bug” : Magik Creeping Text Bug as it’s now more obvious that all the elements are actually Creeping off the left of the page.

Part two: How I actually noticed it (I would never initally have connected it to creeping text) The hovered links..
The links when hovered upon are causing the text to come partially come back into place and that I discovered was caused by having the background color change on hover. When you comment out the background color the text stays off to the left as caused by the first bug..

<tantrum> I don’t want to change what I thought was a simple enough request! </tantrum>

Anyways the outcome is to place the “usual” layout fix onto any elements that have the border/padding combination ~ Note that zoom: 1.0; is just here for testing a height or width will do it too..

thank you tons, Suzy.

So ultimately, the solution appears to be in the Holly Hack. you apply the hack to the buggy div… in my case, this seems to solve it reasonably peachily:
* html blockquote{height: 1%;}

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