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12 May 2005 Thursday

But i'm thirsty

slated in moments at 5:17 am

nice dinner with Waws tonight…
much dehydrated; drank quite little water through day and don’t want to now, tho i’m quite thirsty, because i’m going to sleep sooner than later and will not want the dsturbtion of having to get up to the bthrm.

almost bought a new journal.. (black leather or brown leather?), but decided it was a bit too preemptive, since i’ve not reasonably completed the current one yet, though it is quite nearly done… i’ve written so sparsely this past year… increasingly i’m more a typer than writer.. increasingly i’m less a writer/typer… the thinking’s still there, at least,... but the placing on paper or digitalizing is not so much these days.

getting so warm so suddenly. comp can’t sleep with me anymore. body heat is bad enough; computer heat is way much… it’s moved back to desk… will be more motivated to clear up desktop (real desktop… not on screen) a bit, now.

i met the PSP tonight. waws brought. i hadn’t cared. goodness gracious. it’s a surprisingly impressive little toy. ipod holds absolutely nothing to its slickness. (particularly after the recent redesign and insistence of the not-one-piece-anymore clickwheel assemblage.)

ate oreomadness. yay.

live archives are cool.

Abra’s still lonely, i think.. not sure what to do about it. maybe with comp back at table… i dunno. i will live on this floor a bit more.. am starting to worry about sudden hike in temp., though… suddenly remember that when it gets to summer, my room gets to furnace, and i avoid it quite much. that means i will attempt to move downstairs and tensions will rise all around and my room will not get necessary attention. humph. winter is freezing and numb fingers don’t like to work, and summer is sweaty and sweaty ali doesn’t work. temperature control goes a long way with me.

it’s late. 10:45pm for me is now late. gosh i got old quickly.

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