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01 June 2005 Wednesday

Feel like I've been laying low...

slated in moments at 5:43 am

I’m feeling a bit like i’ve been neglecting my computer and internet projects this past weekend and recently… not for lack of wanting to turn attention to them.. and not for not being around my computer completing assorted errands that are after all nec`essary but don’t leave me with much to show or feel accomplished for when i’m done..

i haven’t been any nicer to my eyes. I was being pretty conscious and careful by them for a bit… and then i guess i got grumpy or bitter and stubborn and was doing absurd things like forcing my eyes to read a computer screen within the first few seconds of having first opened them in the morning, before the regular blurred vision from has had a chance to realize and clear. and my eyes hurt and it’s not all the computer’s fault. my sight’s still beautiful, but the relationship between the computer and the eyes is pretty tenuous at this point.

but so much is dependent on their harmonious relationship.. when they’re at odds with each other, so much else just stops.

i fully memorized that Oberon passage from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream a few days ago. Learning through teaching, or something, I suppose.

Hootie & the Blowfish were in town (hometown) for Hometown Holidays Memorial Day Weekend… was a good and interesting time…

rain is fading away from the days.. my father’s irises are still fully strong.. I’m just about out of chocolate chip cookies.. and the ones from the goodbatch are long out anyway…

In case I’ve not mentioned it before, my brother makes the best brownies ever. I’m not a big brownie person, actually. I’m big on the batter, but I don’t usually seek out brownies. But somehow, even though he’ll make it from the same generic boxed mix as anyone else will, his brownies will turn out better than anyone else’s will. it’s kind of cool.

really need to take car in for checkup. i don’t think it’s had that “every 3,000 miles” test in a while, and it’s travelling 50 miles every day that I go into work, and then other miles on other days.. it’s been starting to make little zany/purring noises… which would be cute, except that I can’t be sure that it’s not some sort of whispered threat: “that’s righhhrrrrt…. jurrrrsssssstt you waittttttt….” ...okay, it doesn’t sound nearly as bad as all that, but I’m just saying, it’s saying something. work so gets in the way of sensible things. like going to the bank or taking your car in for a check up. and everything else. definitely eats time from everything else.

but i’m actually quite alright with my current job. and if i can figure out my balance points, i should be able to get everything done. just must skip the supposed gaps in the path on the way.

*three fingers.*

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