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12 January 2004 Monday


slated in moments at 11:32 pm

i lied. i’m updating. okay, so where are we…. a whole new year all over again. january 12..monday…

went into d.c. today to interview with gratis internet where eddie works.. was a pleasant interview.. i felt a bit off, but that’s okay… i thought i was going to be super late, but a change of route got me there on time. i also expected to be really cold on the walk over from the metro stop (i’m not the biggest fan of being cold.. and i’ve not had to contend too much with the outdoors lately) but as it turned out, especially on the after-walk to dupont cir., i wanted to take my jacket off. i had planned for a lunch date, but it then turned out that my dad was heading home earlier than usual, so i had time for barely a hug before catching the metro home with my dad.

lots of last-minute changing plans all along the way… fair enough.. as long as always prepared for things to turn out a bit differently, whether to get you to the same place you intended to go or to someplace new entirely… be ready to work with the change and the change will work out for goodness, rather than frustration and stress.

the people working on the outside steps thing have been here til morning… i wonder what’s for dinner.

chinese new year is in..the weekend after this…

i am currently in the midst of finishing up all my antioch stuff, so i can be considered by the rest of the world to be done with school and ready for everything else. papers and papers and self-evaluations and missing time doing the one thing i really want to be doing..

i also sukoshi updated the aim profile site thing.. that one’s prolly more fun by this one by a long shot, but i kinda like this xanganess too. kind of pulls me on where to write my thoughts tho… on the ‘thoughts’ section of the aim site, or on this xanga site? <strong>shrug</strong>

before writing this entry, i spent some moments considering this morning whether i would rather invest my time in creating my own blog site, hosted by my own space and name and via my own engine or something more personal… i guess i’ve more or less decided that all of that is simply not necessary.. and certainly not today. i’ll get back to my web projects sooner or later..

ultimately, everything will happen as it should. kind of. sometimes. maybe i take that back. ultimately, everything happens. yes. more or less. i’ll let that go as that. risky business, making (de)finite statements.

i’ve work to do.

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