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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

13 January 2004 Tuesday


slated in moments at 11:14 pm

i think i’m either trying to make up for all the entries i’ve not written in the past many months/years… or i’m trying to cram a whole bunch in so i may feel excused from all the entries i’ll not write in the future.

parents are watching west wing. without me. they skipped me two eps already, so i’m skipping them now. <sigh> what a good show. i’ll rewatch the dvd set sometime; it was his show to begin with, after all. and then there’s two seasons of alias to watch, and four or five-and-a-half seasons of la femme nikita… and i want to get the a will of their own dvd.. oh, and there’s the shogun series.. and…. maybe indiana jones set, and i’d like to watch/rewatch the whole set of the practice at some point. oh, and scrubs is pretty necessary. what am i missing..? i think that’s most of it. enough to keep me busy for a few years anyway. speaking of which, the ‘by 2007’ list is overdue for review. maybe tomrorow?

i overheat my comp so much and often.  poor babybb. 

almost done with papers. thank goodnessness. still a bit more to do than i’d like, but there’s an end to all of it.  bloody good then. 

currently listening to: Yannick – Ces Soir�es La (cover on December 1963 (Oh, What a Night!))
but been listening to: O-Town – From The Damage

“..streaming voices likes a hurricane..they’re telling me to wake up; get out of bed; put your feet on the floor—there’s fresh air out the door.

i’m ready; i’m willing to do anything to make it up to you… ‘wishing that i could have known: you just can’t walk away from the damage.

my eyes may as well be blind if i just can’t see you. my hands may as well be tied if i just can’t touch you..

before the smoke can really clear away from fires i started yesterday, i know i’ve got to find away..somehow..to wake up from the damage.”

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