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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

14 January 2004 Wednesday


slated in mused at 7:39 pm

so i spent a little bit of time today (not a lot of time. just that by the time i finish this entry, the whole thing may qualify for somewhat a lot of time.) skimming a whole bunch of random blogs/web journals, by various people most of whom i don’t know. and the whole thing was part of a general consideration/contemplating about.. well.. who’s supposed to be reading this stuff?  i figure just about every weblogger/journaler muses this a bit… it’s a whole new medium; unique… you can say anything you want, and it might be very private, or very public… it might definitely be seen by hundreds, or only one or two strangers will come across it, or one or two of your closest friends.  and you have some control over that, by where you post the link and who you tell about it to… but really, a lot of the character of the medium is that..much of the time, it can go any which way, any which day, and close concentration could fall on any which entry of yours.. or be overlooked completely.  the interesting things from there, then, are: why do we write? who for?  these are all terribly over-asked questions.  but always just as relevant as it was to every each other person who considers it.  should more people read it? should we write more about what we’re doing? more about what we’re thinking? more about the music we listen to, the books we read, the movies we watch, the authors/leaders/artists who inspire us, the places we’ve been or dream to go, the people we love or wish loved us, the people we think ourselves to be or the people we intend to be…  ultimately it always comes back to an ego-feed. from the first time you ever read aloud your written journal to someone, or click ‘send’ to post your page/entry online.. like a kid holding up the drawing he made, or saying ‘watch what i can do’. well this is fall very uninsightful. really, pretty much every action and advancement and effort is an ego-feed. it’s human survival. and feeding others’ egos? coexisting? somehow feeding back on one’s own? maybe. if the goals of life are to preserve itself, then by design/nature it would like be interested with promoting itself as well. preservation, promotion. so where does experience come into play in that? ... offhandedly, i’ll venture ‘self-justification’. life is made worthwhile through the gleaned and gathered experiences that can be offered to oneself or to others as a self-justification for one’s existence. which is, again, personal ego-feeding. again promotion. and back to preservation. seems to have the potential enough to keep any one person busy for a few thousand lifetimes.

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