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22 March 2006 Wednesday

My favorite Firefox and Thunderbird Extensions

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I was upgrading my mother’s firefox and thunderbird, and trying to add useful extensions for her… My old list of best firefox and thunderbird extensions on here is wayyy outdated, so here comes a new collection of my favorites for future reference.

Firefox first…

The very necessary:

  • All-in-One Gestures :: Execute common commands using mouse gestures (like Opera)
  • Download Statusbar :: View and manage downloads from tidy statusbar (Far better alternative than having the downloads/transfers panel pop up and take half your space every time..)
  • Fasterfox :: Performance and network tweaks
  • SessionSaver :: Magically restores your last browsing session (like Opera)
  • superT :: A super tabbed browsing extension
  • Tab Mix Plus :: Tab browsing with an added boost
  • undoclosetab :: Adds Undo Close Tab (like Opera)
  • Web Developer :: Adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools. (The obvious must-have for all web developers)

The very liked:

  • All-In-One Sidebar :: Quickly switch between sidebars, dialog windows (like Opera)
  • BlinkList Toolbar :: For use with BlinkList.com (BlinkList is my new good friend)
  • Colorful Tabs :: colors every tab in a different color (this is not really necssary… but yay anyway)
  • Forecastfox :: Get international weather forecasts and display in toolbar (I actually don’t use this nearly as much as I thought, but I still like having it there on the bottom left of my browser)
  • Reveal :: See everything (Very prettily and handily pulls up giant thumbnails of all open tabs and allows you to swiftly navigate and visually select the tabbed site you’re after.)
  • Sage:: Sage is a lightweight RSS and Atom feed reader (Does it’s thing thoroughly nicely)
  • SiteAdvisor Firefox Extension :: A SiteAdvisor extension for safe searching (I don’t know that I really need this, but I think it actually works quite well, seems quite accurate, and does let my eyes skip over all the red sites when I’m searching for remote terms.)

The others:

  • Google Web Accelerator :: Speed up the web! (I’ve not decided if this actually works or not. ‘Tell you the truth, I’m leaning against not….)
  • Talkback :: Submit a crash report to Mozilla.org (This is here by default and seems a reasonable enough thing to participate in..)

Thunderbird‘s turn…

The very necessary:

  • Buttons! :: Adds buttons! (Adds the “delete junk”, “archive”, and a few other necessary buttons)
  • CuteMenus :: (Adds icons to the toolbars. Makes it all just a little bit prettier, nicer, and easier to work with.)
  • MagicSLR :: MagicSLR provides new functions and buttons to get and send messages. (I must have my Get/Send button with the tab for additional options)
  • Mouse Gestures :: (Mouse gestures make me happy in browsers, so they can only be good for email too)

The very liked:

  • Contacts Sidebar :: Displays the address books in a sidebar (I don’t think I actually use this.. but for some reason it’s always one of my first installations..)
  • GMailUI :: Add some basic GMail functionality to Thunderbird, such as search expressions and the archive key (I’m actually not sure how I’m using this one, if I’m using it at all.. maybe I’ll figure it out later.)
  • Linky :: Linky will increase your power to handle links (This is another one I’m not certain I’m using. But I’m sure if I did it would be quite handy.”

The others:

  • Talkback (Again, this is here by default and seems a reasonable enough thing to participate in..)

Comments on My favorite Firefox and Thunderbird Extensions

  1. Christian

    Thanks for the list of add-ons with comments.

    Not sure, if you still care about extension, but this one I really like: http://eagleeye.sourceforge.net

    Let’s you sort your contacts according to the number of messages sent or received. Also shows you people you still need to reply to and much more.

    commented Thu 27 Dec 2007, 01:52:33 AM :: link
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