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“I think we miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other, just so we can feel something.”

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standing still is like running on ice—I only gain a little distance when I fall… tired of telling myself it’s okay to be this tired. this sick and tired of the turns the world takes and the people that it makes us be.


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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

18 June 2012 Monday

Screen sizes and seating capacity at DC-area Smithsonian IMAX Theaters

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A comparison of TRUE-IMAX screens in the Washington DC area:

Location and
Theater Name
Screen Size Number of Seats
Natural History Museum
Samuel Johnson IMAX
66 ft x 90 ft 474
Air & Space, Chantilly VA
Udvar-Hazy Airbus IMAX
62 ? ft x 85 ? ft 479
Air & Space, DC
Lockheed Martin IMAX
55 ? ft x 75 ? ft 487

20 September 2010 Monday

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When guests are arriving soon for a party/gathering at my parents’ house, I can always mark it by the music that Dad will have turned on in the living room. It used to always be George Winston, which made me think of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now he nearly always turns on Josh Ritter, which I don’t associate so much with Thanksgiving/Christmas as I do with a hundred other things. They still add up to home.

16 September 2009 Wednesday

Should I get a flu shot 2009

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Updated the Should I get a flu shot? entry

04 November 2008 Tuesday

Should I get a flu shot?

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Best resource I found for answering this question was Health.com

13 June 2008 Friday

Recurring comments when people visit my desk at work

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Approximately one out of every five visitors (a lot) to my cube will ask/say the following:


Are you comfortable like that? / If I tried to do that, I’d break something. / Where are your shoes? / How do you do that?


Where’s your computer? / How can you see that? / Can you see that?

23 October 2006 Monday

Desktop wallpaper brightness

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My eyes have been particularly strained this past week;

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in front of my computer screens at odd hours, and of course this is stressful on my eyes. What I hadn’t really thought about, though, was that about a week ago I had also changed my desktop wallpaper backgrounds to images of very bright rainbow colors across..

25 September 2006 Monday


When your eyes look like you feel, or worse

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If you’ve been up really late, watching too much television/computer screen, or crying buckets, you’re left with unhappy-looking evidence on your face, generally in form of puffy/squinty/bruised eyes.
And then everyone asks you why and it’s rarely a cheerful/useful exchange, so usually preferably avoided, neh?

To alleviate the physical/aesthetic symptoms, the first and main thing to do is the cover the area around your eyes (specifically right beneath — the “bag” area) with vaseline or some other intensive cream lotion..

28 August 2006 Monday

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the lyrics in Matt Nathanson’s song, Weight of It All, are pretty and nice to sing along to… but it’s a fallacied metaphor:

Show me where the sun comes through the sky,
I’ll show you where the rain gets in

Pretty. but wrong.

25 July 2006 Tuesday

Firefox bookmarks toolbar problem

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Have been suffering an issue with Firefox for the past few months… involved the bookmarks folder being thoroughly nonuseable — nothing could be added to it whatsoever.. Couldn’t add or move links/bookmarks anywhere except under the regular bookmarks folder. Made me very unhappy since I needed the Blinklist bookmarklet, among other things.

18 July 2006 Tuesday

Quicktime fixed

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Yay!!! Got Quicktime working on my comp again… been completely without it for over a month now.. amazing the stuff you miss out on when you can’t watch simple quicktime videos.. so many trailers...

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