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Like she was my oldest, dearest friend. The kind of person you can tell anything to, no matter how bad, and they’ll still love you, because they know you.

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You know I love you but I can’t see how lucky I am; too busy looking, to find you. And I keep wishing on a star, but for what I’m not sure…


"To dream the impossible dream, To fight the unbeatable foe, To bear with unbearable sorrow, To run where the brave dare not go.


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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

15 June 2018 Friday

showerproof watch

I [finally] have a showerproof watch again and the world is a slightly better place.

27 April 2017 Thursday

Light bulbs

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I am a big fan of past-Alicson who squirreled away these different kinds of very bright high quality light bulbs; was concerned for a moment I wouldn’t find a bulb that wasn’t daylight and dimmable (haven’t wanted one for yearsss) yet here it is! ::happy and in good bright lightness::

25 April 2017 Tuesday

Sad Redbox

Problems with Redbox: 30-minute lock-out for password fails (do people really bother to come back in 30 min?) Contact is discouraged outside live call/chat hours; chat doesn’t seem to care about anything.

12 April 2017 Wednesday

email game

I play the email game and my email wins 95% of the time. I don’t think it’s a strategy/tactic/approach thing—I have those— I think it’s a life and heart thing and it’s not in my genes to revolve around email.

I’ll keep playing on occasion and see what life lessons I continue to learn out of the whole experience.

*update four hours later: Ouch. That was a painful blow. Email is winning harder now.

07 April 2017 Friday

It has nothing to do with who I am

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Ummm… You didn’t break it, it was only sprained.
What could he have said? She voiced exactly what I’ve wondered too many times.

Reading Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

05 April 2017 Wednesday


I’m installing itunes again. Which I swore years ago I would never do again.
Please have mercy on my soul. And on my poor computer who does not deserve this mistreatment.
I just want my files safe.

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Apple/iOS has been trying very hard to convince me to dislike and mistrust them, and the team behind the Concepts app have been trying hard, and increasingly succeeding, to convince me I can like and trust them (lost all my files/drawings/notes; still hoping, possible they’re there somewhere just disconnected). Conclusion at this point: I’m not tossing my ipad yet, though my next tablet will likely have to be an Android (with a pen; I love the Apple pencil (I’m still appalled by the limited design thinking though — am really fortunate my ipad case has a magnet I can stick the eraser cap onto while the pencil’s charging)).

With Android, I can set privacy, and set up backups, and access files of individual apps; very basic necessities for a personal/mobile/essential device.

P.S. I tried getting by without using Concepts for a few days, and all the substitute apps just frustrated me. (I use the others at various times, however Concepts is best for me for uniweldly and expansive notes/doodling / thinking-by-pen/through-hand. I’m glad the Concepts team has proven so dedicated and helpful, so I trust them and still hope to retrieve my files, so I can manually back them up (somehow) in the future and carry on using my lovely iPad with frustrating Appleness of it and good Concepts app with pen[cil].

04 April 2017 Tuesday


‪@apple brings me some joy and a lot of grief; the lows are too low. Apple ID, no listing, individual privacy control, no data control.‬

21 March 2017 Tuesday


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I’m not sure I’m better about not flinching at things flying directly at my face/eyes, including water. I have become, however, very comfortable spraying Asea into my face with my eyes open. I probably still blink through it out of natural reflex — however I know it’s safer than water and hopefully much of it is getting into my open eyes.

The drawback of this comfort is that, if I’m not paying attention, I am liable to spray other things (like face-refresh toners and leave-in hair conditioners) around or at my face without thinking of closing my eyes! —Which, with anything other than Asea, is pretty disaster (and then I definitely run for the Asea to wash it out.) Very fortunately I use those other spray-type things very rarely, like 1-3 times a year, which also means I tend to have forgotten about the last time I tripped myself up and kept my eyes open while spraying one of those things near me.

Follow-up to http://ferrydust.com/journal/2333/flinch.

20 March 2017 Monday

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Sylvia, my first flat-panel monitor, Samsung SyncMaster, 1600×1200 (which resolution was difficult to find for years after), seems to have died. For the past five+ years have had it as the vertical monitor; it swivels so beautifully.. I don’t know when I got it, was sometime before 2006, probably was around the time of Logos. I suppose that’s a decent lifespan, although I’m still disappointed. Will consider replacement. I’m sort of still hoping it will change its mind and turn on in full-working-condition, any moment now…

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