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Hoping is half-assed
just like hopping is one-legged.
or leap
with all you have.

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if you never try then you’ll never know just what you’re worth;
I promise you I will learn from my mistakes


To tell you truth, I've said it before: tomorrow I start in a new direction. I look straight at what’s coming ahead and soon it’s gonna change in a new direction. One last time, these words from me; I’m never saying them again.


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02 September 2009 Wednesday

Alias 2 vs. Env3

Comparison between Samsung's Alias 2 and LG's Env3

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continued adventure from Verizon’s LG Env3 vs. Samsung Alias 2

In trying to decide whether to get the LG Env3 or the Alias2 (as an upgrade from my Alias (1)), I started with the Env3 and have changed to the Alias2, and frankly, with both phones I am just really pleased with the features that are great and really appalled by the restrictions and shortcomings. Even my old Alias can do things the other two can’t/won’t do.

As follows:

Alias 2 Env 3
beautiful screen beautiful screen
photos not available during a call can view photos during a call
keypad tones stay off when told to be off keypad tones on during a call (txt msging)
silent keyboard key clicks are audible
great camera great if you stay absolutely still
dual hinge opens vertically and horizontally opens only horizontally
mediocre menu system superior menu system
weak photo software better browse software for photos
no cropping available allows cropping of photos
close in size lighter weight
comes with no games comes with games
poor navigation good navigable menus
spiffy e-ink keys that change keyboard is great, though strange place for spacebar
weak font choices better fonts
more ringtones less standard ringtone options
better vertical view/navigation better horizontal view/navigation
regular charger charger disassembles to be USB connector
lose menu place when closing/flipping phone keeps menu place
non-issue external keys do not lock during a call
no dual timezone option option for dual timezone display
not quite as loud loud on lowest volume
more photo-taking options (e.g. multi-shot) fewer photo-taking options
no photos and weaker views for txt msg lists txt msg listings show profile photo of individual
milder vibration intense vibration
seemingly faster txt/photo msg sending regular speed send
can send multiple photos/“slides” per message I think just one, per usual
has airplane mode has airplane mode

Alias 2 Alias 1
opens vertically and horizontally also opens both ways
far superior camera poor camera quality
silent texting during call silent texting during call
cannot view photos during a call can view photos during a call
can take photos during a call cannot take photos during a call
can view photos in full screen photos cannot be viewed full screen
bigger smaller, lighter
spiffy e-ink keys that change tiny keys
no preview while taking picture, preview shows in external view screen
silent keyboard keys click audibly
power button on the outside traditional power button on internal key
seemingly faster txt/photo msg sending regular (slowish) speed send
can send multiple photos/“slides” per message one attachment at a time, unless they’re tiny
has airplane mode no airplane mode

27 August 2009 Thursday

Verizon LG Env3 vs. Samsung Alias 2

Why I'm returning this Env3 in exchange for an Alias 2

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Things about the Env3 I cannot live with:

  • when in a call, keypad tones cannot be turned off. This means even though I have the keypad volume settings down to mute, when I am on a call I hear every single beep of every key pressed. The caller does not hear the beeps (yay) if I have DTMF tones off, but it drives me absolutely mad if I am trying to access menu items or typing a text message while in a call. Absolutely unacceptable.
  • when in a call, the (external) keypad cannot be locked; this is simply silly to me. I can lock the keys just fine when not in a call, but during a call I might have the phone in my purse or elsewhere while I’m talking on my bluetooth headset, and since I cannot lock it that means the keys are exposed to accidental pressing.. Just silly.

15 March 2009 Sunday

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Jamie Cullum, Josh Ritter, Hem, Matt Nathanson, Vienna Teng, Mika, Joe Purdy, Charlotte Martin, Decemberists, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

14 February 2009 Saturday

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Launchy – “Open Source Keystroke Launcher”

Locate32 – “file finder … provide almost instant access to [to all your files].”

06 February 2009 Friday

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I picked up He’s Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo yesterday from the public library. It had been enthusiastically recommended and well-quoted on Tumblr; it sounded fun, and I was curious. After skimming through a few random pages just now, I’ve decided that it’s definitely a good thing to read for girls who are not completely secure or certain about their relationships/love interest. Moreover, guys should be reading this — at least any guy who is genuinely interested in better understanding the reasons and reflections of his own behavior and that of the girl(s) in his life, and interpretation of both sides. The commentary by both Behrendt and Tuccillo make for a good balance of observations and opinions, and their main emphasis is self-respect. I’m inclined to pull a lot of quotes from it and post them here, but other Tumblrs have already done a fine job at that.. Well, here’s my favorite ..

30 January 2009 Friday

The Moon is Down

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On one of the first pages in Til We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis is a line:

The Moon’s gone down, but
Alone I lie.

Reading this threw me for a loop, since I had also just started reading The Moon is Down by John Steinbeck and I fully forgot which book I was reading. I wonder, and I think, that Orson Scott Card’s line from Ender’s Game:

the enemy’s gate is down

must stem from Steinbeck’s line or be rooted from the same source. Their message is the same.

From The Moon is Down:

Free men cannot start a war, but once it is started, they can fight on in defeat. Herd men, followers of a leader, cannot do that, and so it is always the herd men who win battles and the free men who win wars.

How do I adequately convey how good this book is? Its story and message are so simple, but so deep, sad, beautiful, ugly, sad, and true. Steinbeck must have seen so much beauty, and known so much pain, to write what and as he does.

22 January 2009 Thursday

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I really wish I could post comments on shared items in Google Reader. It’s so aggravating that I can’t.
Google’s letting me down hard.

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J.Crew Taryn coat

J.Crew Wool Taryn coat, item 99969

<del>long and gushy pointless entry about an article of clothing</del> So, I’ve had a crush on this coat for weeks/months. I finally got it. I’m happy. The end.

06 January 2009 Tuesday

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[photo from Wikipedia]

For such a resourceful and “advanced” country, I find the unavailability of mangosteen in the USA extremely disappointing. (But I might find it in Canada? Really? Get it together America!)

30 December 2008 Tuesday

Next to Normal

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/me wants to see Next to Normal

Arena Stage presents Next to Normal, a provocative and exciting new musical. Directed by Michael Greif (Rent), the musical tells the story of two suburban parents discovering how far they will go to keep themselves sane in an over-stimulated and over-medicated world. Next to Normal was listed in Entertainment Weekly’s top 10 shows of 2008.

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