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It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.
And it’s not about the things you’ve done, it’s what you’re doing now.
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Ah the first summer of love was here when I was much too young
ah the first summer of love was clearly just a summer long


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24 June 2011 Friday

Essential Android Apps 2011

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L pointed me to this article http://www.zdnet.com/blog/mobile-news/5-android-apps-that-should-be-on-every-smartphone/3023

I installed LauncherPro early on and liked it, but found it was just a layer over my existing UI, and wasn’t dramatically better enough to accept the potential decreases in performance and weird flashes caused by having layered UIs. I uninstalled.
I didn’t like Beautiful Widgets. too much going on.
Amazon MP3 I have. I question considering that an essential ap, though.
I tried Dolphin Browser HD, but ended up much happier with Miren Browser.
Multicon Widget I had and loved before the new phone reboot, but I did not bother reinstalling and setting up again on the new phone because the setup and making modifications are a pain in the @$$. It does allow you to lay out your screens more as you want (fit more items in more rows and columns than default allows (default on my phone is four rows of four columns (across five screens that you can flick through); I miss the multicon layout but not the setting up, and I prefer the flexibility of easily moving things around as is possible without relying on it. Also, I tend to use three screens; I leave the end screens empty (I use when I want to add things on the fly).

I have Tasker but I think it may be causing crashes/instability so I uninstalled again.

Quick Settings
Google Maps
one of the several good DC Metro apps

Had posted my Essential/Favorite Android Apps lists in January..

04 May 2011 Wednesday

What the Buzz

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Google Buzz makes no sense to me. Every time I remember/think to check it, the unread count goes immediately to 0, and I have no useful idea of what I’ve previously read or not; cannot really flag, save, or categorize things in a manageable way; and I just can’t see how they can have declared Wave a failure while maintaining that Buzz is a useable application. I must be doing it wrong? Help, please?

06 April 2011 Wednesday

Ideal input device

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Aside from the keyboard; rather than a traditional mouse, trackball, thumb trackball, or IBM-style trackpoint, or laptop-common trackpad; we should be using multi-touch trackpads, perhaps with click buttons and a trackpoint built into it. The multi-touch trackpad would allow to do the same things as any of our usual devices, in addition to touchscreen-style and tablet functions. I’m waiting.

08 March 2011 Tuesday

Editable and fixed content emails

slated in consumed, as it should be at 7:20 pm

Editable emails (EMs or EEMs?) would behave like those in the Google Wave platform: individuals can edit within one post or add to the thread in separate posts; changes/revision history and prior snapshots(versions) are all viewable and accessible.

Fixed content emails (FCEs?) would be like PDFs but applying directly to the email rather than an attached file: the content and format would not be editable by recipients.

Editable emails should be the universal standard (eventually the name “editable” would naturally be dropped since most all emails would be this way), allowing for consolidation of mails, better tracking, saving space (that will eventually be a valued commodity, like paper and trees — even though memory will be increasingly accessible and occupy smaller spaces and resources, the most efficient and concise usage and applications of that memory/space will become a natural priority), and especially improved and encouraged collaboration, and much more dynamic communication/interaction.

06 February 2011 Sunday

Wrestling with Chrome

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Chrome had been working beautiful for a long while, and then started hanging on page loads.. Still obviously lighter and faster to open than Firefox (of which I still use regularly and am a fan, but it’s definitely much heavier), but my (any) web pages were inconsistently —but with increasing regularity— loading very very slowly, if not simply loading indefinitely and never giving me my pages.

I tried disabling and uninstalling extensions. I tried upgrading and manually upgrading and uninstalling chrome and reinstalling.

I tried all sorts of Google searches:

  • chrome load pages OR tabs slow
  • chrome pages OR tabs load indefinitely
  • chrome webpages not loading

The answer is actually very helpfully (though one would think Google would have come through here) in Chrome’s own "built-in" Help menu

The incognito test worked well for me, and clearing cache seems to have done the trick. Yay. Happy to have chrome back; life moves a bit faster.

Also a shoutout to Xmarks while I’m here (I’m just getting to know you, but you seem awesome).

And re: Chrome’s new Apps implementation… I think you’re splendid, but confusing and stupid as all hell with the non-differentiating between WebApps to install in Chrome/on your desktop, and WebApps accessible simply through a website. You want to market and promote them in one central location, fine, but make it clear if I’m hopping to a URL and don’t trick me into “installing” something that is complete and perfectly accessible via a link. If I want the link in my “Apps” listing I can opt that myself thank you.

Back to work.

24 January 2011 Monday

Essential and Favorite Android Apps

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Many more worth mentioning, but these are my very favorites/don’t-know-how-I-ever-lived-without-and-I-don’t-know-how-or-why-you’d-do-it-now apps and games; list retrieved from AppBrain.

30 total in this list, 25 free, 5 paid, 39MB total size, $16.63 total cost

View this Android app list on AppBrain

22 October 2010 Friday

Gadgets a-plenty

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Waiting for a new (computer/electronic) product to be released is painful.

27 June 2010 Sunday

slated in consumed, moments at 10:34 am

Have been organizing and clearing some old files on computer and moving many things to discs; also organizing discs and coming across many memories.

Just refreshed my appreciation for Death Note (the anime, manga, and movies; all gold).

Also, watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog again; funness. But, while she is adorable, I am still really disappointed with the choice for female lead; she doesn’t display half as much character as the two other leads. Also unchanged is that several of the songs keep running through my head unendingly and will likely do so for another week or so (before going back to just occasionally, randomly), but that should be true for everyone who watches it.

*update: Actually, it got replaced rather quickly this time by the Man of No Importance soundtrack.. I liked the live production’s version better than the Original Cast Recording, but glad to find it anyway.

Have been reading mostly scifi lately, and quite happy with the books.

Have fully caught up on Naruto and have been rewatching more eps than I intended, but happy with all of it. I love Naruto (characters, stories, production, intention) more than ever.

Visited three different doctors’ offices in one day.

I think I am about to become a really big fan of rhodiola.

Waiting on three books, all parts of series, expected to be released in 2011 (although one might never be finished/published…ever).

I generally prefer paperbacks to hardcovers; I like my hardcover books, but I’m much more likely to carry a paperback out of the house than a hardcover.

I don’t know why it’s 3:30am and I’m not attempting to sleep. Falling asleep has not been an issue for me in years. Going to bed remains an inconsistent activity.

I really like (good) food. Oh, I enjoy eating some spicy stuff now — although I still prefer it with buffer of rice/bread/yogurt/cucumber or something or other to offset. Still do not eat wasabi, but I can see being a fan one day.

I’m very nearly at 300.

Many birthdays this week. But one.

We gamble all the time; we act as if we’re promised tomorrow. So much is assumed. I assume I will wake tomorrow; otherwise, I would not sleep now.

02 September 2009 Wednesday

Alias 2 vs. Env3

Comparison between Samsung's Alias 2 and LG's Env3

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continued adventure from Verizon’s LG Env3 vs. Samsung Alias 2

In trying to decide whether to get the LG Env3 or the Alias2 (as an upgrade from my Alias (1)), I started with the Env3 and have changed to the Alias2, and frankly, with both phones I am just really pleased with the features that are great and really appalled by the restrictions and shortcomings. Even my old Alias can do things the other two can’t/won’t do.

As follows:

Alias 2 Env 3
beautiful screen beautiful screen
photos not available during a call can view photos during a call
keypad tones stay off when told to be off keypad tones on during a call (txt msging)
silent keyboard key clicks are audible
great camera great if you stay absolutely still
dual hinge opens vertically and horizontally opens only horizontally
mediocre menu system superior menu system
weak photo software better browse software for photos
no cropping available allows cropping of photos
close in size lighter weight
comes with no games comes with games
poor navigation good navigable menus
spiffy e-ink keys that change keyboard is great, though strange place for spacebar
weak font choices better fonts
more ringtones less standard ringtone options
better vertical view/navigation better horizontal view/navigation
regular charger charger disassembles to be USB connector
lose menu place when closing/flipping phone keeps menu place
non-issue external keys do not lock during a call
no dual timezone option option for dual timezone display
not quite as loud loud on lowest volume
more photo-taking options (e.g. multi-shot) fewer photo-taking options
no photos and weaker views for txt msg lists txt msg listings show profile photo of individual
milder vibration intense vibration
seemingly faster txt/photo msg sending regular speed send
can send multiple photos/“slides” per message I think just one, per usual
has airplane mode has airplane mode

Alias 2 Alias 1
opens vertically and horizontally also opens both ways
far superior camera poor camera quality
silent texting during call silent texting during call
cannot view photos during a call can view photos during a call
can take photos during a call cannot take photos during a call
can view photos in full screen photos cannot be viewed full screen
bigger smaller, lighter
spiffy e-ink keys that change tiny keys
no preview while taking picture, preview shows in external view screen
silent keyboard keys click audibly
power button on the outside traditional power button on internal key
seemingly faster txt/photo msg sending regular (slowish) speed send
can send multiple photos/“slides” per message one attachment at a time, unless they’re tiny
has airplane mode no airplane mode

27 August 2009 Thursday

Verizon LG Env3 vs. Samsung Alias 2

Why I'm returning this Env3 in exchange for an Alias 2

slated in consumed at 4:54 pm

Things about the Env3 I cannot live with:

  • when in a call, keypad tones cannot be turned off. This means even though I have the keypad volume settings down to mute, when I am on a call I hear every single beep of every key pressed. The caller does not hear the beeps (yay) if I have DTMF tones off, but it drives me absolutely mad if I am trying to access menu items or typing a text message while in a call. Absolutely unacceptable.
  • when in a call, the (external) keypad cannot be locked; this is simply silly to me. I can lock the keys just fine when not in a call, but during a call I might have the phone in my purse or elsewhere while I’m talking on my bluetooth headset, and since I cannot lock it that means the keys are exposed to accidental pressing.. Just silly.
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