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21 April 2008 Monday

The Caps vs. Flyers game

slated in consumed at 7:20 pm

Went to my first hocky game ever..
I don’t think I’ve ever watched a serious chunk of hockey even on TV before.

My general expectations of impressions going in were all on base — it’s a pretty engaging, well-paced, high-contact game at which I cringe, gasp, and frequently want to scold the big men for being mean to each other.

Ingrid Michaelson at Lisner

slated in consumed at 10:05 am

Saw Ingrid Michaelson in concert the other day. Have to say, she comes across much better live than she does on her album tracks. On stage she has lots of personality, she’s very funny and friendly, and much more energy comes through her voice and the instruments/general sound than was captured in the album production. I like her songs a whole lot more now than before the concert.

A rosé by another name is not the same rosé

slated in molehills, consumed at 9:24 am

a: What’s the difference between these two rosés?

Waiter: Well, they’re both rosés so they’re going to be really similar.

a: ….

Waiter: One comes in a half bottle, the other one comes in a full bottle (as was clearly marked on the menu). But they’re both pretty much the same wine.

19 April 2008 Saturday

slated in consumed at 4:08 pm

The Slip – Children of December
reminds me of
Blue Merle – Burning in the Sun

16 April 2008 Wednesday

Xobni : MS Outlook inbox control, search, happiness

slated in consumed at 5:27 pm

Playing with Xobni for the first time.

A little mesmerized… Can’t give a real review yet, but I will say it is very fast, fluid, and pretty!

Much appreciation to John for the invite. I did get a direct invite from Xobni shortly thereafter, but still — thank you for the Xobni invite, John!

*update: okay, a couple of issues:

  • I should be able to keep several “tabs” open to jump back and forth between. Instead, the tabs seem to operate on breadcrumb hierarchy, in which you can go back/up, but then can’t go forward/down anymore because going back/up removes everything in front/below.
  • I should probably be able to pop-out search results, and/or have multiple and customizable columns to better organize my search results. That being said, search is fast. Happily so.

preordered The Weepies - Hideaway

slated in consumed at 12:28 am

The Weepies - Hideaway (new album)
Preordered The Weepies’
Release is April 22nd. Yay :)
(The whale on the album cover is reminding me of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.)

01 April 2008 Tuesday

the whole point of a raincoat

why does J.Crew hate hoods?

slated in consumed at 9:05 pm
J.Crew Hoodless Raincoat

Dear J.Crew,
you know (to the sadness of my wallet) that I love you.. but what the HECK is the point of a raincoat withOUT a hood!?

It doesn’t even make sense!

31 March 2008 Monday

Pillage the Village

Speaking of things that are grey rather than pure "good"....

slated in consumed at 9:14 pm

There’s a game on Kongregate called Pillage the Village.

I’m a bit disconcerted by how addicting it apparently is to meanly murder and steal from cheeky and spunky little villagers. And it probably doesn’t say the best of things about me that I am frustrated about being unable to make practical use of the fires and wooden posts propped about the scene…

13 February 2008 Wednesday

Boo on Newegg

slated in consumed at 4:28 am

Newegg.com and I are no longer BFF. Until they learn what “service” is, I am ceasing all advocation of their site and “services”, and will turn amazon, zipzoomfly and 3btech, etc.

08 December 2007 Saturday

"real-life" widgets

slated in consumed, stuff at 7:15 am

spent a little bit of time yesterday making widgets for my new calendar. I never thought of them as widgets before.. just little, practical customizations.. But I realize for the first time that they are the equivalent of expansion packs and plugins.. Two paper strips that form a pocket in the front, two unruled index cards with the last three weeks of December 2007 on them, and carrying over the insert with the cutout bookmark flap, on which I attach post-it notes (I use super sticky only. the regular kind is crap) with to-do lists and other notes that will not stay attached to one particular day or week. It’s pretty much all set up now. I probably won’t completely move over (data transfer) from the 2007 vert to the 2008 bleu til Monday or so.. Still have to write over birthdays and other infos.

while we’re at it, what’s the word for non-electronic / non-digital ..? It’s not analog… not necessarily mechanical… going with “real-life” for now…

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