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“Trying to forget somebody you love is like trying to remember somebody you never knew”

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Maybe you’re young without youth, or maybe you’re old without knowing anything true; I think you’re young without youth.


“…someone you can say goodbye to..”


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31 March 2008 Monday

Pillage the Village

Speaking of things that are grey rather than pure "good"....

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There’s a game on Kongregate called Pillage the Village.

I’m a bit disconcerted by how addicting it apparently is to meanly murder and steal from cheeky and spunky little villagers. And it probably doesn’t say the best of things about me that I am frustrated about being unable to make practical use of the fires and wooden posts propped about the scene…

13 February 2008 Wednesday

Boo on Newegg

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Newegg.com and I are no longer BFF. Until they learn what “service” is, I am ceasing all advocation of their site and “services”, and will turn amazon, zipzoomfly and 3btech, etc.

08 December 2007 Saturday

"real-life" widgets

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spent a little bit of time yesterday making widgets for my new calendar. I never thought of them as widgets before.. just little, practical customizations.. But I realize for the first time that they are the equivalent of expansion packs and plugins.. Two paper strips that form a pocket in the front, two unruled index cards with the last three weeks of December 2007 on them, and carrying over the insert with the cutout bookmark flap, on which I attach post-it notes (I use super sticky only. the regular kind is crap) with to-do lists and other notes that will not stay attached to one particular day or week. It’s pretty much all set up now. I probably won’t completely move over (data transfer) from the 2007 vert to the 2008 bleu til Monday or so.. Still have to write over birthdays and other infos.

while we’re at it, what’s the word for non-electronic / non-digital ..? It’s not analog… not necessarily mechanical… going with “real-life” for now…

07 December 2007 Friday

My book

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UPDATE [from Give me my @&$* book!]:


Borders just won a bunch of points from me (I’m typically a Barnes&Noble/Amazon kid)…

On some sane advice [via], I sent an email to Paperblanks. I’ve not yet heard back, but I ran another sweep of stores.

And Borders’ website said I could special order it to one of the stores. So I signed up for that. A little while later, an email appeared saying the expected, “we don’t have it, but you can check with your store anyway in case they do. here’s their number.” Hopeful but expecting the usual lack of success, I called and spoke to a very nice guy who said he thought they had it. I warned him (nicely) that this is the blue, mini, horizontal book with the magnetic clasp. Not green, not vertical, not slim. He said yes, he’d look for it. I was on hold a while. He came back and said he’d call me back after spending more time looking for it. Nice guy. So just now I get a call. “we have it.” he says. “…… really? the horizontal? blue? mini? magnetic? ..??” “yes, it’s a bit less than 4 × 6 inches…” “that’s it! have you any idea …!? May I please put that on reserve?! Thank you so much!” YAY

I’m going to pick it up after work today. Maybe I shouldn’t be so happy about something so small/superficial. But it’s an object that will spend tons of time with me all of next year, most every day, and I’ll be jotting events and information and thoughts and ideas and memories that I can keep forever.. and this is a little victory and I’m happy and that’s the way that is.

04 December 2007 Tuesday

New colored labels

New colored labels in gmail are happy

03 December 2007 Monday

Give me my @&$* book!

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I need my 2008 calendar.

Paperblanks 2008
French Ornate Dayplanner
Horizontal Mini Bleu

I’m going to kill something.

It’s December. I should have a 2008 calendar by now.

My 2007 calendar has been the excellent French Ornate Vert (green!) mini horizontal dayplanner that I’ve been very very happy with this year. Now I need the 2008. They (the general world/stores/internet search/shopping/places to buy things like 2008 calendars) have the green, but I already have the green. They have the blue in vertical, but I don’t bloody want the bloody vertical. GAH.

02 December 2007 Sunday

Cowon D2 Review - highly recommended

Would definitely make a solid xmas gift to yourself or someone you like/love

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Have had my Cowon/iAudio D2 mp3/media flash player for a few days.. wanted to post a review the first night.. putting aside this pocket of time to do it.

Mine’s black. Comes in white and red, too, I believe.
Mine’s 4gb. Comes in 2gb and 8gb also. I reasoned that I would get the 4gb and then collect 4gb SD cards. That’s working out really nicely.

Plenty of pictures, spec-sheets, hands-on reviews, youtube reviews on the ‘nets, so I’ll just throw my own opinion/experience in..

25 November 2007 Sunday

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Apple maple sugar oatmeal is my favorite.
Strawberries and cream is second fav.
I’m not a fan of the peaches, cinnamon, or plain flavors.

Breyers should not be allowed to make low fat ice cream. Maybe no one should be allowed to do it.

Unsurprisingly, the punchline to the monk’s riddle about the egg really isn’t very good (actually, it’s really pretty bad), but of course the intended message is meaningful and important.

Big (and hard to remove) labels do not belong on scarbes.

What would my animal spirit/guide/counterpart/soul be?

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I really like Addison (previously from Grey’s Anatomy and now Private Practice)

Incidentally (and ironically), “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” is probably my favorite song for DDR on the Wii.

August Rush was ridiculously cute

All law students respond the same way to the same questions

The mash-up of Snow Patrol‘s ‘Chasing Cars‘ and The Police‘s ‘Every Breath You Take’ (Every Car You Chase) is excellent and makes me really happy

Favorite search tool is locate32. much lighter and faster and more stable than Google Desktop search or Copernic or the others

I got a Nintendo Wii
its name is Lokii
and it’s my exercise equipment

I’m not going to get a Chumby, but I’m a little sad about it
(I shall call him squishy. and he shall be mine. and he shall be my squishy. come’ere squishy!)

I still wish Verizon had GSM
and rollover
but aside from those, I think they trump AT&T in every other way

I really missed my grey hooded sweatshirt last night (forgot it at home)
‘still think more coats should have hoods, and don’t understand why they don’t

The Cowon D2 is pretty impressive in terms of features and price and compatability and expandability and format support. We’ll see how hands-on experience stacks up in a week or so…

But the wifi/bluetooth Q5W is also right around the corner…

14 November 2007 Wednesday

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Finished eating all my raspberries before I arrived at the office this morning. Again. Nuts.

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