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Enduring philosophies and favorite quotes

By walking I found out
Where I was going.
By intensely hating, how to love
By loving, whom and what to love.


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“well I’ve heard it said that a man would climb a mountain, just to be with the one he loves… how many times has he broken that promise? it has never been done.”

If it’s never, then it’s never.


I’m not sure if I’m singing for the love of it or for the love of you;
long time coming, but now snow is gone


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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

17 March 2017 Friday

slated in days, moments at 7:04 am

I had proper sleep hours for a day. And then fell out again. It’s 7:07 7:53 11:31am 12:28pm now. I’ll bed soon -_-

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m rereading American Gods; it’s going very slowly as it’s happening during things like eating breakfast or brushing teeth; nice revisit though.

Already mid-March
it’s practically mid 2017

Snow is melting; spring’s on its way back.

13 April 2012 Friday

slated in days at 5:41 pm

Happy Friday the 13th

20 January 2012 Friday

Happy Year of the Water Dragon!!

slated in days at 9:45 pm

Cheers to 2012

I love this year.


02 March 2010 Tuesday

Happy Birthday Alba o^_^o

slated in days at 6:31 pm

Very happy birthday to Alba. I hope this year is good to you, particularly, and that you have as many slices of cake, cupcakes, and happy things as you want.

14 February 2010 Sunday

CNY especially

slated in days at 10:41 pm

Chinese New Year has always been important in my family.

While even illness was seldom an acceptable excuse for missing school, my mother always kept us home on the day of CNY.

It’s like an all-in-one of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s day, plus a heavy dose of Asian culture and tradition. There’s emphasis on abundance, family, respect and gratitude; there are gifts exchanged, drinks consumed, good wishes cheered, and hopes refreshed for the brand new year.

Between the red envelopes, the tea pouring, and the over-consumption of delicious food, Chinese New Year is about friends and — especially — family. While it’s a huge public event, Chinese New Year is, more importantly, a very private, personal holiday that we share with those we love and trust and wish good things between.

06 November 2009 Friday

Happy Birthday Kimley o^_^o

slated in days at 5:04 pm

Hello Beautiful. ‘hope you’re showered with hugs and gifts and attention and cheers and cake and song this whole weekend, as you should be always. ::huggles::::::::::::::::::::::

26 October 2009 Monday

Happy Birthday Lor o^_^o

slated in days at 2:58 am

Let’s eat pizza and cake.

Love always,

25 June 2009 Thursday

Happy Birthday Amit o^_^o

slated in days at 6:01 pm

I hope you have a wonderful day; it looks beautiful so far: sun and sky, breeze and birds and green. Happy birthday, Amit.

20 January 2009 Tuesday

slated in moments, days at 9:39 pm

Your President is now The President.

my Dad says to me. and I smile and smile and smile

14 January 2009 Wednesday

slated in days at 8:30 pm

My department (work — there are five of us) is scheduled to give a presentation (~70 attendees) tomorrow; the boss took (first ever?) sick day yesterday, one has laryngitis, & another started a fierce cough today that I can hear from the other end of the building. I’m thinking we should reschedule…

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