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“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

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Live a life less ordinary, live a life extraordinary with me.
Live a life less sedentary, live a life evolutionary with me.


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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

01 October 2019 Tuesday

Happy anniversary, Ferrydust

slated in days at 9:39 pm

Happy twenty years, Ferrydust! Sometime this year — twenty years back — you were conceived and created; you’ve evolved, died, and revived a few times, and you’re still a good friend/space to me and I appreciate that a lot. Once upon a time someone called you the girliest thing I own; I wonder if that’s still true. Either way, thank you <3

07 September 2017 Thursday

7 September 2017

slated in days, mused at 2:00 am

Thirty six years ago, I was born. And chances are good — certainly if relying on past patterns of personal history — that I will be alive at the end of this day. And I take that so deeply for granted.
This has been among the best years of my life, and this month has just begun and is already among the most…memorable.

What I’ve learned this year is that health is everything. When I and my family found Asea and redox signaling molecules in 2011, I learned that all health comes down to the health of our cells; and I learned that I took health totally for granted; and I learned that health doesn’t just impact whether a person is functional and able — it can impact their whole outlook, their view of themselves and life and the world around them. And still I thought health was just one piece of the pie. And on most days it is. However, on a day when health is truly compromised or missing? It is not just the whole pie, it is the only pie.

Health is everything. Before empathy and education and innovation. Nothing is more important than that we are healthy, whole as possible for us, alive. All hope and all love. My kingdom for a breath of life.

My head and heart are full of words and thoughts and feelings.
Mostly: love and gratitude. And still surprise and confusion. Mostly love and gratitude.

Thank you thank you +++ for the love and the loved in my life. Thank you. I wish the words reflected the dimensions, the feelings. They’re more like markers. I hope I’ll remember, and understand — at least as much as I ever did — and I trust time may continue to lend me further dimensions.

Okay. Simply: thank you, cheers, and CTRL+S on this first 36; and here’s to the next 63+.


16 April 2017 Sunday

Happy Easter

The day is Easter-colored with cobalt blue sky; bright fresh green leaves; magenta azaleas and redbuds; white lily of the valleys, dogwood blossoms; tulips and bleeding hearts; chirping finches and flitting sparrows.

13 April 2012 Friday

slated in days at 5:41 pm

Happy Friday the 13th

20 January 2012 Friday

Happy Year of the Water Dragon!!

slated in days at 9:45 pm

Cheers to 2012

I love this year.


02 March 2010 Tuesday

Happy Birthday Alba o^_^o

slated in days at 6:31 pm

Very happy birthday to Alba. I hope this year is good to you, particularly, and that you have as many slices of cake, cupcakes, and happy things as you want.

14 February 2010 Sunday

CNY especially

slated in days at 10:41 pm

Chinese New Year has always been important in my family.

While even illness was seldom an acceptable excuse for missing school, my mother always kept us home on the day of CNY.

It’s like an all-in-one of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s day, plus a heavy dose of Asian culture and tradition. There’s emphasis on abundance, family, respect and gratitude; there are gifts exchanged, drinks consumed, good wishes cheered, and hopes refreshed for the brand new year.

Between the red envelopes, the tea pouring, and the over-consumption of delicious food, Chinese New Year is about friends and — especially — family. While it’s a huge public event, Chinese New Year is, more importantly, a very private, personal holiday that we share with those we love and trust and wish good things between.

06 November 2009 Friday

Happy Birthday Kimley o^_^o

slated in days at 5:04 pm

Hello Beautiful. ‘hope you’re showered with hugs and gifts and attention and cheers and cake and song this whole weekend, as you should be always. ::huggles::::::::::::::::::::::

26 October 2009 Monday

Happy Birthday Lor o^_^o

slated in days at 2:58 am

Let’s eat pizza and cake.

Love always,

25 June 2009 Thursday

Happy Birthday Amit o^_^o

slated in days at 6:01 pm

I hope you have a wonderful day; it looks beautiful so far: sun and sky, breeze and birds and green. Happy birthday, Amit.

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