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Enduring philosophies and favorite quotes

“The truth is that we live out our lives putting off all that can be put off; perhaps we all know deep down that we are immortal and that sooner or later all men will do and know all things.”

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I breathe by your looks


Just turn around; turn away from me… before i lose my head. just turn around but remember me, and how you left me dead inside….
we were gonna be different; now where did those dreamers go?
i was the one who’d paint the stars and watched you while you slept. you were the one who held my heart and smiled as it leapt inside.. ...

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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

30 November 2006 Thursday

Happy Birthday Chris o^_^o

slated in days at 9:24 pm

A very very happy birthday to you..
Trust things are well up your way…

24 November 2006 Friday

Happy Thanksgiving o^_^o

slated in days at 1:16 am

Happy turkey day.

My brother’s home.

Kitchen is full of food coming together into amazingness.

02 November 2006 Thursday

Happy birthday Tim o^_^o

slated in days at 10:10 pm

Hard to believe I’ve known you ~fourteen years..
.. running to the schoolbus, getting hit with an umbrella, destorying you in Eternal Champions and Mortal Kombat, ...and pingpong.. Getting killed in HORSE (why’s it called horse, anyway?), house hunting, and many, many things inbetween.
hmmm. wonder what fourteen years from now will look like, and the memories kept by then…
I have some pretty witty glib comments I want to make, but… I’m going to be good and not.
Happy birthday Tim :) ...holy @&&%$* is today Thursday!?

25 October 2006 Wednesday

Happy Birthday Lor o^_^o

slated in days at 10:08 pm

Happy birthday Lor. I’m pretty sure this is the only one of your birthdays in 18 years that I’m not with you for. That.. is kinda sad. But I’m glad you’re where you want to be; I’m proud of you for choosing where you wanted to be and doing what it took to get there. And while I really really like having orange juice in the fridge all the time, I’ll be happy to share it with you when you’re home for Thanksgiving. I love you very much. Happy 21st birthday, Lor.

15 October 2006 Sunday

Happy Birthday Adam o^_^o

slated in days at 5:13 am

Of course your “day” is far from over… hopefully it involves mostly legal things and people….. please.
Happy birthday, Adam.

Happy Birthday Sean o^_^o

slated in days at 4:49 am

Was a beautiful day out.. I know you made the most of it, as you do with everything.
More to say.. but I’ll say it when I see you again one of these days (soon).
Meanwhile, a very happy birthday and weekend to you.

P.S. a motorcycle? ... please beware (be nice to) the possums…

08 September 2006 Friday

My September 7th

slated in scenery, days at 9:51 pm

My family, My moon

05 September 2006 Tuesday

happy birthday Kai o^_^o

slated in days at 10:13 am

‘Trust you’ll be living it up today, as usual.
Try not to overdo it.. you want many more birthdays ahead to enjoy! :) But hope you have a really excellent birthday (and every day).
Happy birthday, Kai.

01 August 2006 Tuesday

Happy Birthday Wawson o^_^o

slated in days at 7:12 am

Wawson’s bday!
A quarter of a century old today and living half a day in the future of the future of the Western hemisphere… I’m very glad to know you’re happy and well, though far away, and wish you a happy happy birthday and year and the next and the others.

17 July 2006 Monday

Happy Birthday Junhoe o^_^o

slated in days at 2:10 pm

Junhoe, my dear, your website misses you. And I miss you. Was really really nice to talk with you the other day.. Not sure what to say, except that you are thoroughly awesome, you play too much WOW, I’m glad work is working out for you, my love to the family, and a big hug to you…
Actually your birthday was yesterday…hmm.. Do you get birthday noodles or something? One day I’ll be around to see..

I love you. Happy birthday Junhoe :)

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