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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

11 November 2004 Thursday

Happy Birthday dear Tarsia o^_^o

slated in days at 7:43 am

Okay.. well… seeing as how I’ve not conversed with Tarsia in probably several years… If she ever reads this it will probably be a fair while from now.. at least until after i’ve located her mailing address (that would be snail-mail… does that still operate?) and got ahold of her..

it’s been… probably something like 15 years since i’ve seen Tarsia… she moved away with her family and i couldn’t believe she could be okay with leaving, and then i moved away with my family and i understood.

this will be brief… i’ll owe you a longer letter anyway, Tarsia..
I know you must be well whereever you are, because you were always a shining person. always. and one of my favorite people in the world. i hope you’ve had a beautiful birthday today, whether you’re still in Germany or elsewhere, and whatever you’re doing and whomever you’re with. I do still think of you and I’m looking forward to seeing again you someday… the two of us grown and growing up.

happy birthday.


09 November 2004 Tuesday

Happy Birthday darling Yan o^_^o

slated in days at 6:37 am

It’s been some 10 years of knowing you now, hasn’t it… wow.
For all of that, and for living so near each other (you do still live there, right?) we don’t spend nearly enough time with each other. But that’s most always been true, although a bit regretful.. I do hope you had a beautiful today, Yan… this message comes slightly late in the day, but you know you were not forgotten… and I know you were spending the evening happily and comfortably.. and that’s exactly what I would want for you on your birthday and everyday.

I’ll be talking to you soon… I was very glad to hear you well :)


06 November 2004 Saturday

Happy Birthday dearest Kimley o^_^o

slated in days at 7:53 pm

bigs hugs are being sent across the world and down under, your way; ‘hope you receive them.. they’re actually on loan.. i expect them back the next time we’re both in malaysia.. which should be within a few months, missy. don’t think an excuse like, “oh. i have to be in europe to visit some hot boyfriend” is going to cut it. exams should be over for you soon, neh? that means more time to write to Ali! :)

at any rate, here’s wishing a very happy birthday to my dearest cousin Kimley.. one of the sweetest, brightest, bestest of people on this planet. and a Chong, no less.


01 November 2004 Monday

The most beautiful Halloween

slated in days, moments at 7:57 am

Today was a thoroughly beautiful day. Daylight savings time brought the sun up bright and early.. I had a beautiful night, a beautiful lazy morning… sashimi.. worthwhile conversation.. driving.. a walk in a park.. beautiful colors in the trees..

To wind it all down, ‘carved jackolanterns at home with my family… another good Daddy-cooked dinner.. no one came to get candy from my house, cuz our driveway is so scary and formidable—but that means lots of chocolate left for us.
Today wasn’t cold like most Halloweens are, either.. It was.. simply beautiful.

And i’m going to bed before tomorrow, this time.
A new week, a new leaf—whatever color it may turn.
..begin with a clear view of green.. and a new scene may paint from this beautiful halloween.

09 February 2004 Monday

'do they collide?' I ask and you smile.. the world doesn't matter.

slated in days, mused at 10:22 pm

“when you feel embarrased,
then i’ll be your pride.
when you need directions,
then i’ll be the guide.
for all time.
for all time.”

~Death Cab For Cutie- ‘Passenger Seat’

having collected the past, curry the present, and cue the future .:.

tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the day a boy arrived in Antioch to visit me, and stayed for 10 days (i think it was sposed to be more like 6, but then that blessed hurricane snowstorm (fyi, a snowstorm generally IS a hurricane… just… with that whole coldness-that-begets-snow-and-ice sorta thing, going on) and that fantastic guy who called, officially informing us that the airports were closed…), and we flew home together.. and we haven’t been in the same state too often after that, but every bit of time in the past year has brought us closer. two days after tomorrow, on the 12th, we’ll fly to London together. our first trip together; my first time in Europe. Two days after that, will be the 14th..Valentine’s Day.. a day we also spent together last year.. this paragraph is actually a little harder to write than it might seem.. well, it actually might seem as hard as it is.. written with many pauses, as it is… remembering the incredibly wonderful moments.. and the very hard ones that are necessarily a part of our past.. and all the bunches of feelings and thoughts that pervade…

i… after trying to write this sentence a couple half dozen times, at least, and having erased it every time.. i’m just gonna stop. i’m very much looking forward to…. ::pauses yet again…and then smiles:: …everything.

25 June 2003 Wednesday

c.happy birthday amit - june 25

slated in days at 8:13 pm

happy birthday amit – june 25

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