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Enduring philosophies and favorite quotes

“The secret of a good sermon is to have a good beginning and a good ending; and have the two as close together as possible.”

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“i’d rather have bad times with you than good times with someone else. i’d rather be beside you in a storm than safe and warm by myself. i’d rather have hard times together than to have it easy apart. i’d rather have the one who holds my heart.”

These are the scars that silence carved on me.


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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

19 June 2007 Tuesday

in the mrning

slated in dreams at 11:51 pm

My dream this morning…

01 November 2006 Wednesday

slated in dreams at 2:57 pm

lots of dreaming, but the part I remember/focused on remembering were my cousins.. ‘little’ ones… except there were four instead of three.. three were awake.. the most temperamental one got up later and he wasn’t temperamental.. was showing a friend around the house, and introducing to my cousins.. the house was cool..different from the real one (come to think of it, mixed with other family’s house). wanted to show cousins to other friends too. they may have stopped by later..

27 October 2006 Friday

slated in dreams at 4:04 pm

This is very much a non-story:
Lots of dreaming, story format, some fantastical pieces but largely realistic and true-lifelike.
I don’t remember them — I rolled over and started thinking too soon.

26 October 2006 Thursday

slated in dreams at 5:06 pm

secret passage in a mall.. mother’s friends..
vampires.. giant diamond.. old “friends”..violent bloodshed.. bus driver…

02 October 2006 Monday

slated in dreams at 4:36 pm

tons of dreams…
strong tea..
a new friend’s place… showered there..
old “friends”.. news.. surprising..

28 September 2006 Thursday

slated in dreams at 5:53 pm

tons of dreams.
relationships… friendships.. family.. my cousins.. most all my cousins.. new baby cousins?..tiny..
relationships;friendships;family;cousins, and myriad of dynamics thereof.

24 September 2006 Sunday

Math like butterflies

slated in dreams at 6:29 pm

Dream involved some sort of class and group assignment…

School/class-related dreams disconcert me a bit, actually… this one wasn’t like the others, but I have had dreams about life in academia where I think I’m back in school and have been neglecting one/some of my classes and all of a sudden all this work is due or I haven’t been attending any of my Tues and Thurs classes or I haven’t turned in any math homework since the beginning of the semester. Those are not comfortable, and while I don’t panic in the dream and seem willing to figure it out somehow, I am ever so glad to wake up and reason out after a few minutes that all of it was not real.

Okay, but while last night’s(/this morning’s) dream had to do with class/assignment, it wasn’t really like the others…

21 September 2006 Thursday

slated in dreams at 6:23 pm

[] kittens. and.. um.. I’ve forgotten the other thing.

I think three pairs of cat parents.. some of the kittens were funny/pudgy-faced looking.. but still fun to play with once their parents get less defensive.

20 September 2006 Wednesday

5am phone calls

slated in dreams, moments at 7:14 pm

Everything is context.
Receiving multiple phone calls at 5am is actually not necessarily a problem..
It’s who is calling at 5am and why.

18 August 2006 Friday

Dreams that I carry

slated in dreams, moments at 3:07 pm

I had a short nightmare last night/earlyearly morning. I haven’t had a nightmare/like that in a long long time..
I was struggling to call out to be woken up.. I was stuck in the dream.. exactly where I was in real life but I knew I was still sleeping and I knew my voice wasn’t coming through and I wasn’t being heard.. Every now and then I would laspe/fall back asleep within the dream, and then back to restruggling and fighting harder some more, realizing that I hadn’t yet managed to wake myself up.

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