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How can I love you with a broken heart?


“i know someday i might be looking around, trying to find some purpose. well purpose it can’t be that hard to find, as long as i’ve got the wind, the wind and your love to carry me”

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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

16 May 2006 Tuesday

Field trip

slated in dreams at 3:52 pm

teacher had used invisible ink on all our papes… grading of each other’s classmates’ papers. Thought I happened to have a compatible pen, but not. Teacher had limited, so I picked a rock to sit on and waited. When I woke up (on the rock), they had all left.. moved on to the next segment of the field trip I guess. So I got on the trail and looked for them. Hit several spots.. crossed paths with many other tourists.. Ended up in one large exhibit center in which I entered a room where they were explaining how there was a point in time (early aviation? certain period in history?) where people could buy plane seats for their pets (a separate compartment in plane…), and it was two pets to a seat… There was a big display of them… various dogs (maybe cats too? I only remember dogs) all in the seats, mostly two to a seat.. And I was in that room for a bit with their explanation.. I don’t remember much else.

13 May 2006 Saturday

2:30am on a Friday eve

slated in moments, dreams at 10:07 am

Sleeping would be such a welcome change of pace right now.

And now that I’ve opened up this entry and sat here with my thoughts long enough, maybe—maybe—I’m just tired enough to become unconscious in my bed til at least my usual 6-7am unsolicited wake-up time.

05 June 2005 Sunday

Fish realive and other magics

slated in dreams at 4:27 pm

Abra came back alive! I had ultimately never let him go to the earth, but for some reason put him back in the bowl i guess… refilled warmish water… and later, surprised to find that he was swimming and well again, and must not have been completely dead from the start!

i think before that:

01 June 2005 Wednesday

Congress overrun by female elects?

slated in dreams at 2:51 pm

dreaming..grandmother… her birthday… coinciding with chinese new year or new years or something… I with friends at giftshop or something..
I in Thailand or Malaysia at an old alley… a guy.. another friend also shows up after i’ve talked with old lady who owns shop there i used to visit in childhood (in this dream)... i plan to buy mochi or some native sweet there in big gift form… the guy’s showed up before in this dream.. he already bought a big box version.. by Godiva.. but almost certainly strawberry mochi or something…
family on trip together.. congreess becoming less a boy’s club and more a girl’s club… patronizng female leader just elected. Hilary Clinton there with husband among others.. all pretty zany.. are they drunk? Celebrating, certainly/pleased with themselves, certainly.
more to it all… so sleepy me right now.

26 May 2005 Thursday

villagey pirateish-feel dessertedish place with people and water and things

slated in dreams at 4:53 pm

dream had to do with some sort of remote pirate resort or something.. kind of isolated… three of us… myself and another girl and a guy.. the guy was kind of a tough/mean one.. and there was some strange relationship between him and myself.

25 May 2005 Wednesday

Dreaming of homework

slated in dreams at 4:31 pm

i realized today while driving to work…

i’ve been having dreams about homework…

04 May 2005 Wednesday

Dukong? Yukon?

slated in dreams at 10:00 pm

i wish i had written this down while it was still “clear” in my head this morning… something about the span of land/water across the midwest and the west and the pacific ocean…we know as the Du-kong, or something.. Texas was up in there too somehow… and something about how the Chinese call the similar area around there “Yu kong” .. and you can see the obvious connection between, but i’d never really noticed before.

What on earth does it mean?!?

06 July 2004 Tuesday

What Do Dreamed Stethescopes Symbolize?

slated in dreams at 9:12 am

In my dream was Harold-sensei.. I was looking all over his classroom for one of his stethescopes.. (I don’t think he has stethescopes. Or one single classroom.) I don’t know if I found one in the end, but I ended up also looking for a similarly-shaped screwdriver.
It proves I did sleep last night.

07 May 2004 Friday

another dream (i'm clearly working too much)

slated in dreams at 3:15 pm

!! i just remembered!
i had a dream last night or the night before.. about WORK.. wherein someone found a big, happy project for us to bid on.. and i felt chagrined because i felt i should have found it but i’d not been (i’ve not been) looking the past few days for procurement opportunities. whoa. of all the things to dream of. i can’t possibly be feeling that guilty about it… ‘better do a search now…

motorbike/car warehouse dream

slated in dreams at 10:14 am

my dream involved motorcycle-type cars.. (i think) and some sort of warehouse/gathering place of them… and i temporarily borrowed/stole this a car/motorbike that was sitting there (i think i was waiting for my group to do whatever they were doing, so i was bored and this car/motorbike was sitting there and looked cute or something..) .. and it turned out to be really small and difficult to drive as a result.. and there were guys and a girl with long hair and all sorts of… something to do with making out.. people watching… ‘probably would’ve been good scenes for/from a movie. i dun remember the rest.

happy friday!

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