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Enduring philosophies and favorite quotes

They would twirl the emotional kaleidoscope until it gave them a picture that was comfortable.

From Washington Post article How the Brain Helps Partisans Admit No Gray by Shankar Vedantam on 31 July 2006, quoting Emory University psychologist Drew Westen [via, source]

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Even the best fall down sometimes, even the wrong words seem to rhyme.. out of the doubt that fills my mind, i somehow find: you and i collide.


Still I would want to be someone who’d answer to me:
Someone who sees like a child, gives like a saint,
feels like an angel — never mind the broken wings,
and speaks like a picture, cries like the rain, shines like a star,
as long as the fire remains.


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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

21 March 2005 Monday

Ender's Game the movie

slated in mainstream at 9:44 pm

it seems the Ender’s Game movie possibility continues…

Troy? really? i did not consider that a bad movie, but.. hardly a model for Ender’s Game. in many ways, X-Men 2 would have been a far better model. actually, they should be talking to the people who so very meticulously fashion the Harry Potter movies that almost (or do) overcredit the original books themselves.

Says Card, “Mr. Benioff proved with Troy that he could adapt a long work to fit the brevity of film, while preserving what is most powerful and effective in the original.”

i don’t want “brevity”! break the first book up into two or three parts! and make each movie three hours long if necessary — probably necessary! please, please do justice to this story. and the other books would be worth doing too — if they do it well. and if they do a Shadow movie/series to parallel the original Ender’s Game movie/series… how awesome would that be? if they invest the attention and care (and money) into it, this really could become an epic like Star Wars. i really do believe that. but i am nearly convinced (though i’ll gladly be shown wrong) that they will not do the story its deserved credit.

Any film of Ender’s Game will be heavily dependent on special effects, says Card, “but it’s the characters that the audience must care about for the film to succeed.”

Are they going to up the ages of child characters? make them 9 instead of 6? Haley Joel Osment is too old to play Ender now… what other actors of such youth could properly do it?

well, i’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with (if the whole thing goes through), and i’m hoping hoping hoping to be pleasantly surprised. meanwhile, i’m definitely enjoying the latest book, Shadow of the Giant.

03 March 2005 Thursday

slated in mainstream at 2:17 am

The TextDrive VCII offer is sold out. Absolutely incredible.

09 February 2005 Wednesday

Cute little bunny!! ... and other sites

slated in mainstream at 10:10 pm

Save Toby!
I want a bunny.

Real Pokemons!
Rapidash is surpisingly common.

Xia-Xue’s blog
What the HECK is this??

Singing Chubbers
(—to use Waws’ description..) This guy is such cheeriness. :) I miss bounce song. The song is called ‘Dragostea Din Tei’.

Mario on piano
Watching/listening to this just makes me happy. really really.

Just a simple, nice idea and gallery of photos from which the main subject has been replaced with a sketched-representation..

Invisible Pornography
This is reasonably safe to view in the presence of small children. It’s somewhat in keeping with the theme of the “Invisibilia” link above. :)

03 February 2005 Thursday

Who likes lists!? Ta-da Lists!

slated in mainstream at 2:17 am

Calling all Virgos, and other individuals with a propensity to make lists…. the makers of Basecamp have come up with Ta-da Lists

Bring your compulsion online. Make your lists public or private. Make one or dozens. This is list-making with quickness, cleanness, and efficiency. Simple and sweet. I went ahead and made three accounts within the five minutes of finding it… one for myself, one joint account, and one account for my family. Has RSS feeds too. Happy! :)

25 November 2004 Thursday

World view of America, written in Sidewalk chalk

slated in mainstream at 6:30 pm

zem’s photos from the November 20th rally in Sydney, in support of the people of Fallujah. by my understanding, the turnout was poor, but the message on that sidewalk chalk is by no means an uncommon sentiment around the world today.

18 November 2004 Thursday

Petition for proper Ohio Recount

slated in mainstream at 2:56 am

Keep Ohio Recount Non-Partisan: Sign the Petition

information: Following Up On Ohio Election Hearings & Recount

17 November 2004 Wednesday

Pattern of Florida Election Results

slated in mainstream at 11:51 pm

Not new. But nonetheless, unbelievable.

Surprising Pattern of Florida’s Election Results

Ethel says this well:

In an interesting summary of voting by county in Florida, we find amusingly named Liberty County, wherein there were 4,075 registered voters, of which 8% were registered Republicans and 88% registered Democrats. The final vote tally was 3,021 votes, 1,927 for the Republicans and 1,070 for the Democrats. A similar pattern is seen in many other counties.

16 November 2004 Tuesday

Ohio Recount: Hope Returns

slated in mainstream at 12:19 am

remember this?

(14:10:08) Cxxxk: can i give up hope yet     ...

well, permission rescinded.
There will be a recount of the presidential vote in Ohio!!

hurray hurray hurray!
it’s not everything… but it could be…

08 November 2004 Monday

slated in mainstream at 3:25 am

A beautiful post. I would have named this one something like ‘Values vs. Ideals’, but I trust the author knows better. Do read this one.

Blue states to Reds

slated in mainstream at 2:01 am

Read this article at theregister.co.uk by the New Democrat Outreach Program, published Sunday 7th November 2004. Blue states to Reds. [referred by a gentleman in ‘the forums’]

We Blues will come out of the Bush era no worse for wear, although you Reds will come out very much diminished, deeper in debt, and less able to improve your circumstances by your own powers.

It really is rather sneering and harsh, but I can live with that.

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