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Enduring philosophies and favorite quotes

You have to start out learning to believe the little lies.
“So we can believe the big ones?”
Yes. Justice. Mercy. Duty. That sort of thing.
“They’re not the same at all!”


Playlist pieces

Don’t look for love in faces, places —
it’s in you; that’s where you’ll find kindness.
Don’t put your trust in walls,
‘cause walls will only crush you when they fall.


Don’t sum me up to a one line epitaph


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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

09 November 2009 Monday

slated in moments at 6:52 pm

Remembering what is relevant.

01 November 2009 Sunday

Operation: Shed the Stuff

Getting rid of as much of my physical personal posessions as possible

slated in moments at 12:54 am

Okay, Stuff. I like you, but I like creativity and movement and creation and space and organization even better, and you are in my way of those things.

28 October 2009 Wednesday

slated in moments at 5:53 am

My mommy has really really soft cheeks. I’d probably kiss them a whole lot more if I didn’t think it’d disconcert her.

I’m cheating on J.Crew. I still love the clothes but I’m tired of their deteriorating attitude. I’ve found another brand with which I see a lot of potential for a happy relationship. Shape up, J.Crew; I miss you, but your behavior no longer provides for a sustainable relationship.

Raincoats should have hoods. Outerwear should have pockets. .

12 October 2009 Monday

slated in moments at 3:48 pm

My coworker just gave me a little gourd. I’m not sure what to do. It feels fresh. I think she said something about “decoration” — which may have been helpful, since my first inclination is to eat it. That being said, I’m not really sure where a little, fresh gourd fits in with my current decor. It’s gonna throw my color scheme.

P.S. It was really nice of her. I feel strangely honored to be gifted a gourd. (The stuff good Monday mornings are made off.)

07 August 2009 Friday

slated in moments at 7:21 pm

NPR had a segment this morning about a study that indicates that handling money makes people feel stronger. …
Even so, psychology’s a fascinating field/subject.

There’s a giant cicada on the outside of this building; I see it through my window. I’m glad it’s on the other side of the glass.
I know I’m bigger than it is, but it’s rather big for being little, and I’m not wearing remotely imposing shoes today.

I wouldn’t have known Twitter was down yesterday if Twitter peoples weren’t freaking out and bouncing off walls lamenting displacement. And then of course everyone had to Twitter about how freaked out they were by being unable to Twitter. Is funny.

This summer has flown by really, really quickly.

28 July 2009 Tuesday

slated in moments at 5:03 pm

I got my Google Voice number yesterday.
I’m quite pleased about/with it.
It even almost rhymes. Anyway, little excuse to forget my number now. Here’s to Google Voice growing up to be awesome.

Need to remember to run by the bank today.
Also, the Verizon store because my cellphone is being very selective about charging (again.. though this is a new phone).

I think I need a cheeseburger today.

27 July 2009 Monday

2009-07-27 Monday

slated in moments at 5:36 pm

Didn’t sleep til some time after four.
I’m told I sound like I had a great weekend.
More than halfway through Deathly Hallows (second round.. had forgotten so much in it).
Missing my music right now.
Still can’t find my keys/USB drive.
I like fountain pens.
I miss writing.

25 July 2009 Saturday

slated in moments at 11:49 pm

The way to watch He’s Just Not That Into You: with ice cream and rum and someone to yell so much with because the characters in the movie are such idiots and it hurts so much to watch them.

It hurts SO MUCH to watch. But I think it should be watched. Also, tissues may be needed.

P.S. fun cast and music. Erin McCarley – Love Save the Empty played at the end. That made me :)

slated in moments at 10:26 pm

Gave a bunch of my money to AmieStreet in exchange for a bunch of new music. The Rescues, Maria Taylor, Ash Koley, and Lisa Miskovsky among others, and a couple of Christmas albums too.

Had a dream recently that Christmas had managed to come upon me and I was fully unprepared — no presents for anyone. Well at least I’m now early stocked on good new Christmas music.

23 July 2009 Thursday


slated in moments at 5:48 pm

Took me over an hour this morning, in bed, to convince myself today was Thursday not Friday. My cellphone said it was Thursday. But I just felt like it had to be Friday (making it Jeans Day at work, too). Hit snooze on my alarm a few dozen times while still musing the subject through a pretty hazy head. Kept looking at the phone and understanding that it claimed Thursday, and both believing it while simultaneously wondering how it could have gotten it wrong, and trying to come to terms with it being Thursday but feeling so much like Friday.

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