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“One person can make a difference and everyone should try.”

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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

05 October 2009 Monday

slated in mused at 12:35 am

  1. I wouldn’t bet against me.
  2. I dislike faux/fake buttons, pockets, zippers, buckles, etc.
  3. There are relatively few foods that wouldn’t be made better with the addition of mushrooms.
  4. Labradorite goes with everything.
  5. I believe in love.
  6. I believe in timshel.
  7. I am not a runner.
  8. I like people more than places;
  9. I love ideas more than things;
  10. I really like a lot of things.
  11. Chocolate chip cookies are a natural choice for breakfast.
  12. I like all sorts of cheeses and wines for essentially the same reason; I like cheese more than wine.
  13. I like chocolate, cookies, fruits, and nuts, but I generally believe in only two of those belonging together.
  14. Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.
  15. I like smiling at people and things (nice kids are especially nice to smile at).
  16. I really like driving (sometimes; passengers or lack thereof make all the difference).
  17. I love pockets.
  18. I like technology. A lot.
  19. I love good music and good books and good food and good things.
  20. I love my family and am very grateful for them and don’t do remotely enough to deserve them, though I intend to do better by them.
  21. I am a writer by nature, however I am awed and humbled by those who are additionally writers in talent and in practice.
  22. I’ve always liked bookstores and office supply stores.
  23. Raincoats should have hoods. (Even if they’re detachable.)
  24. I am an early adopter.
  25. I am a questioner.
  26. I am a skeptic, an optimist, a realist.
  27. I believe very much in possibility and in making new windows and doors.
  28. I believe in And, over either/or.
  29. I don’t like cynicism.
  30. I like tradition.
  31. I love outside the box.
  32. I believe in rules. I believe rules are less important than their intention, and do not supersede life.
  33. I believe in oxford commas.
  34. I like colored paperclips.
  35. I’m surprised by how girly I can sometimes be.
  36. I apparently like the word “vehemently”. In my head, it has four syllables.
  37. I like talking to myself; I’m good company to me.
  38. I cannot cry on queue (even if I try really hard); however, I cry at news reports, national anthems, weddings, movies, good books,….
  39. Holes in denim (especially) should be earned not bought;
  40. Leggings are fantastic however they are not pants.
  41. I believe in wearing respectable clothes on airplanes, especially through airports.
  42. Respectable clothes can be comfortable, even very comfortable.
  43. Ideas are the best.

02 June 2009 Tuesday

Dimensions, speed, time

slated in mused at 4:18 pm


  • multiverse theory
  • (much) faster than light-speed travel
  • curved universe
  • moving so quickly so as to lap one’s starting position before having started

13 April 2009 Monday

slated in mused at 6:40 pm

via tumblr post

[Rewind, Play, Pause, Stop, Fast Forward]

The only abilities of those that we don’t have are rewind and fast forward. Those options really would change the game entirely. Can you imagine? So many things?

Who would we be if we could redo our pasts and jump ahead to our futures at will? Would those people we choose to meet and reach out to in our lives choose to keep memories and connections with us? If we erase and avoid past traumas, will we find ourselves and the places and people we otherwise get to?

And what if everyone had telepathy, as well as being empathic, and absolutely truthful? If everyone could hear each others’ thoughts, feel each others’ emotions, always spoke the truth. Who would we be if everyone could see/hear exactly what we think and feel all the time? The world would be Amazing? Terrible? Inconceivably different.

Can’t relive or change the past. Can’t fast forward to the future. Can’t hear or fully trust everyone’ thoughts, feelings, and words.

But marvel at what we have: the abilities to choose, communicate, learn, comprehend, apologize, feel, consider, pause, compose our words and actions ? we can compose our words and actions! We can make the choices to be who we are and do what we do, rather than being subject purely to our impulses, bare feelings and exposed thoughts. We can remember, we can change our paths, our minds; we can reach out as we choose and close away too. Timshel. And no one can take our past and no one can change our future because no one has those buttons; we’re all in this together.

30 January 2009 Friday

The Moon is Down

slated in consumed, mused at 5:56 am

On one of the first pages in Til We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis is a line:

The Moon’s gone down, but
Alone I lie.

Reading this threw me for a loop, since I had also just started reading The Moon is Down by John Steinbeck and I fully forgot which book I was reading. I wonder, and I think, that Orson Scott Card’s line from Ender’s Game:

the enemy’s gate is down

must stem from Steinbeck’s line or be rooted from the same source. Their message is the same.

From The Moon is Down:

Free men cannot start a war, but once it is started, they can fight on in defeat. Herd men, followers of a leader, cannot do that, and so it is always the herd men who win battles and the free men who win wars.

How do I adequately convey how good this book is? Its story and message are so simple, but so deep, sad, beautiful, ugly, sad, and true. Steinbeck must have seen so much beauty, and known so much pain, to write what and as he does.

23 January 2009 Friday

slated in mused at 6:49 pm

It’s impossible to see anything exactly as it is. We look at everything through physical, mental, emotional lenses, maybe also spiritual and metaphysical lenses.

This does not negate the existence of Truth, but does indicate there’s more that composes it than simply its object.

And compartmentalization may be practical and sometimes efficient, but it is never ultimately true; everything, everything, everything is connected.

10 January 2009 Saturday

slated in dreams, mused at 7:22 pm

A dream about a huge video game arcade center.. Possibly run by Indians or similar… many colored lights in a darkened environment.. crowded and successful.. impersonal and meaningless.. And I fell on deaf ears but I shared anyway…why do I do that, knowing..?

More important to me than product and popularity are trust, loyalty, comfort, community, involvement and personal investment.

Paths are much clearer and more meaningful when allegiances are defined and sincere. Wherever one walks, should know what/whom to stand by.

23 September 2008 Tuesday

why we can't mind-read

slated in mused at 8:06 pm

Humans live on secrets, hidden thoughts.

We plan, we bide our time, we consider our words and carry private dialogues. We count on our discourses being heard only by selected recipients, and tailor our messages accordingly.

If everyone — or even one person — could see/hear/feel what we were thinking/feeling all the time, it would change everything.

28 August 2008 Thursday

slated in mused at 5:26 pm

How much is too much? I’ve been playing with that question for years now, and I’ve decided that the question doesn’t matter. The cost for something can be too much and still be worth paying, or still be paid regardless of its worth.

14 August 2008 Thursday

Random entries spur/spawn rambles

slated in moments, mused at 4:18 pm

Ferrydust went on a religious kick this morning, giving me the following two articles (from random entries links from the sidebar): Would you choose contentment…? and That God believes in suffering. And, actually, they’re both from the same week.. so is it the subject or the time period I should be looking at, if I’m looking for deeper meaning?

slated in consumed, mused at 2:05 am

Is I am Legend supposed to be a vampire story? Cuz I don’t see it. I haven’t read the book, though, so perhaps I’m missing the original portrayal? The movie’s definitely not a vampire story. Just because the monsters have sharp teeth and beget other monsters and are hurt by light does not make them vampires.

Very stressful movie. All of it. Lonely and hurt and angry and determined and desperate and hopeful and hopeless.. Always anticipating something monstrous jumping out at any moment.. ruhlly stressful. Moving, though. I’m confused by the end of it. I mean, it ended well…as far as endings go.. But.. I know it’s all “who are we to question” and what not,… I’m not there yet.. ::thinking::

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