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“ojala que las hojas no te toquen el cuerpo cuando caigan para que no las puedas convertir en cristal
[hopefully the leaves won’t touch your body when they fall so they will not be transformed into crystal]”

Every plan is a tiny prayer to Father Time..
Our memories depend on a faulty camera in our minds…
You were a truth I would rather lose, than to have never lain beside at all.


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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

03 November 2009 Tuesday

Playlist 10/31 - 11/03/2009

slated in playlists at 6:41 pm

Rosanne Cash – 500 Miles
Joni Mitchell – Both Sides

17 October 2009 Saturday

Playlist 10/16 - 10/20/2009

slated in playlists at 2:01 am

Paper Raincoat
Jack Savoretti
Greg Jong
Patrick Park
Joshua James
Noah and the Whale – Blue Skies
Frightened Rabbit
Imogen Heap – Glittering Clouds
Jack Savoretti – One Man Band
Joshua James – Coal War
Ingrid Michaelson – Soldier
Frightened Rabbit – Backwards Walk
Imogen Heap – First Train Home

10 October 2009 Saturday

Playlist 10/10/2009

slated in playlists at 9:35 pm

Noah and the Whale – Blue Skies
Gary Go – Open Arms
Annuals – Sore
Noah and the Whale – Instrumental I
Annuals – The Giving Tree
Gary Go – Wonderful

“Give me the love of an orchestra.”

12 August 2009 Wednesday

Playlist 08/2009

slated in playlists at 10:25 pm

The Rescues – Heart With You
The Rescues – Break Me Out
The Rescues – Stay Over
Noah and the Whale – Two Atoms One Molecule
Noah and the Whale – Jocasta
Noah and the Whale – Give a Little Love

Imogen Heap – Glittering Clouds

15 July 2009 Wednesday

Playlist 06-07/2009

slated in playlists at 5:12 pm

Next to Normal CastYou Don’t Know/I Am the One
Next to Normal Cast – Make Up Your Mind
Next to Normal Cast – A Promise
Next to Normal CastI’m Alive
South Pacific soundtrack – Honey Bun
South Pacific soundtrack – Happy Talk

You’ve got to have a dream — if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?

The Last Five Years Soundtrack – I Can Do Better Than That

Taylor Swift – Love Story
Linkin Park – Frgt/10

Someday I’m hoping to close my eyes and pretend that this crumpled up paper can be perfect again.

Ozomatli – Cut Chemist Suite
Tom Geiger – Thank God We Got Good Friends
Mr. SOS – Apocalyptic Doomsday
Garbage – When I Grow Up, Paranoid, Special, Medication
Guster – Either Way, Two Points for Honesty, Come Downstairs and Say Hello, Amsterdam, Parachute

01 May 2009 Friday

Playlist 04/29/2009 - 05/01/2009

slated in playlists at 5:22 pm

Matt Nathanson – Come On Get Higher
Matt Nathanson – Answering Machine
Erin McCarley – Pitter Pat
Jack’s Mannequin – Resolution

27 April 2009 Monday

Playlist 04/2009

slated in playlists at 6:39 pm

Fink – Sort of Revolution
Frightened Rabbit – Good Arms vs. Bad Arms
Phoenix – Long Distance Call
Sting – Windmills of your Mind
Phoenix – Lisztomania
Frightened Rabbit – The Modern Leper
Paper Route – Are We All Forgotten
Noah and the Whale – Jocasta
Port Blue – In the Dolphin Tank
Owl City – Designer Skyline
Kaki King – Bari Improv

30 March 2009 Monday

Playlist 03/2009

slated in playlists at 9:09 pm

Patty Larkin – Good Thing
Matt Nathanson – Come On Get Higher
Something Corporate – Konstantine
Gomez – How We Operate

The Bird and the Bee – My Love
Frightened Rabbit – Backwards Walk
Frightened Rabbit – Modern Leper
Noah and the Whale – Five Years Time
Erin McCarley – Love, Save the Empty
Gomez – Airstream Driver
Jack’s Mannequin – Into the Airwaves
Steve Moakler – Stay Sound

15 January 2009 Thursday

Playlist 1/15 - 1/18/2009

slated in playlists at 10:12 pm

Bon Iver – Lump Sum
Mat Kearney – Crashing Down
Aim – Cold Water Music
Chris Bathgate – Yes I’m Cold
Noah and the Whale
Stars – Your Ex-Lover is Dead
Amit – One Day

Then everything will happen…

Repo! the Genetic Opera – I didn’t know I’d love you so much
Beirut – Postcards from Italy
Ari Hest – Bird Never Flies

12 January 2009 Monday

Playlist 01/07 - 01/11/2009

slated in playlists at 1:44 am

Idlewild – Amerian English
Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog – My Eyes
Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog – A Man’s Gotta Do
Next to Normal – Just Another Day
Next to Normal – I’m Alive
Jose Gonzalez – Hearbeats
Scala & Kolacny Brothers – Hearbeats

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