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“No steam or gas ever drives anything until it is confined. No Niagara is ever turned into light and power until it is tunneled. No life ever grows until it is focused, dedicated, disciplined.”

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Every plan is a tiny prayer to Father Time..
Our memories depend on a faulty camera in our minds…
You were a truth I would rather lose, than to have never lain beside at all.


Look what you’ve become — you’re a personality instead of a person with one.


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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

13 October 2003 Monday

mt doesn't have integrated polling?

slated in site-building at 2:29 pm

well these are the two current layouts… very minor differences between them… i’ll eat breakfast on it or something… come back and go with one or the other.

layout a layout b

~2003-10-13 09:54:47

and it seems the above links will not open in internet explorer, for reasons unknown. they work flawlessly in opera. i got them straight from a previous site i built, and in that one it works flawlessly in explorer. i haven’t had breakfast yet. and i never went back to bed.

so here’s the reluctant version of those links:

layout a layout b

bit by bit

slated in site-building at 12:06 pm

considerable progress, i think.. it’s taken tons more time than it might look, but the good news definitely is that i’m learning every bit of the way. it’s goodness :) now… back to bed.. or to breakfast?

11 October 2003 Saturday

between domains

slated in site-building at 10:44 pm

so i finally get movable type to seemingly more or less work on this domain. and then i get it to seemingly more or less work on another domain. and now this domain thinks the other domain is the only one that movable type should do business with, so when i try to update templates and other reasonable stuff on this domain, the other domain kicks in and asks for username and password, which it then rejects because it wants the login info for the domain, which, i actually really have no interest in working with right now. <sigh>

afterthought: maybe it’s an opera issue?

… and would you look at that… it won’t let publish any new entires either, on this domain… so let’s try ol’ ie. if that works, then this’ll go up, and you’ll know all is zany and unreasonable and works, in the universe.

05 October 2003 Sunday

on the matter of fonts...

slated in site-building at 10:41 pm

to go serif, or sans serif? had planned on sans serif (basically ‘arial‘.. tho i was using straightforward basic ‘ms sans serif‘..) but ‘georgia‘ seems to be the “it” font for weblogs, which this may or may not turn out to be… and ‘georgia‘ is definitely a damn good looking font. why am i even discussing this?

a little further along in nowhere

slated in site-building at 9:34 pm

this here is the excerpt, apparently.

27 August 2003 Wednesday

the first entry ever (on mt)

slated in site-building at 2:01 pm

this is a test entry. i expect to be able to delete it later.

blah blah blah extended stuff

16 November 2002 Saturday

x.in the beginning, there was xanga

slated in moments, site-building at 5:40 am

i dunno where to start. there are too many buttons and lil pictures and edits you can add to this thing… makes me confuseded and takes too much time. must resist the lil buttons… so… i’m not going to bed right now, cuz i was explicitly told to. must wake up in about four hours to go to tibetan temple with mommy… been going to a different temple every weekend for past several weeks.. will continue… in respect of grandmother’s recent passing… mother was in malaysia for that… her whole family was around her as she passed… was good… i wasn’t there, but was important that my mommy was…. lorense has varsity basketball practice tomorrow morning from 7-11am… he made the team this afternoon… :) daddy’s in asia right now… he’ll be there for another few weeks… grandmother (his mommy) will be arriving from florida tomorrow evening… ‘was gonna see harry potter movie tomorrow eve… dunno if that’ll happen now… aip. that bed’s looking comfy without me in it… much to still be done, particularly in this month… time is almost up for this particularly floatish semester… ‘sbeen good.. i haven’t done so much with it in the way of work, but i’m pretty sure i rigged it that way… been a wacky past year… wacky past several years… good gracious… and only more will come… heh. i like that much. i concede. to bed i’ll go..

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