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“It’s a silly time to learn to swim when you start to drown; it’s a silly time to learn to swim on the way down.”

all throughout history, the loneliest people were the ones who always spoke the truth, the ones who made a difference by withstanding the indifference
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28 September 2005 Wednesday

bbclone + textdrive

slated in moments, site-building at 8:15 am

i give up. i like bbclone very very much. and i like textdrive also. i’m not sure who’s fault it is more, but it’s been more than three times now that some sort of skip has occurred and i lose my stats. i’ve been able to recover some of the older data sometimes, but invariably lose at least a week’s worth of visitor statistics. it’s happened to Ferrydust and it’s happened to Textpattern Resources, the latter being the more serious of the two problems. They’re on different servers, so it’s never been at the same time.

now, i’ve been away from my computer/the web quite a bit in recent weeks. so i haven’t been checking stats. i took a few seconds just now to check, and that has volumed up into several minutes in which i am writing this post:
this time it’s happened to both sites.. but seemingly different problems.

for Ferrydust, it’s showing no stats until the evening of September 21st. 0. everything prior appears wiped out. yay.

for Textpattern Resources, it’s showing nothing after the 13th of September. 0. nothing’s ever happened/happening after September the 13th. yippee.

side note: another site on the same server as Ferrydust, btw, did not have any skips with its bbclone stats. could be because it’s a much quieter site with at least a fifth the amount of traffic.

i really like bbclone. yes, there’s mint, but i’m rather happily comfortable with my basic bbclone graphs, and more than that, $30 for every site will add up to a bit much. i’m not saying that mint isn’t worth that. i’m saying i can’t see paying that. i’d like to do it for one site, but that leaves the others in the dust. so that really doesn’t help my overall issue. and talk of textstats is definitely exciting and hopeful, but not anywhere near the horizon. my point is, i want bbclone to work reliably. i’m not even sure any of this is bbclone’s fault! i don’t know what’s causing it! it’s like a hiccup in the php. and that seems to be server side.

i’m just about resigned to not keeping any stats whatsoever anymore and just not to care at all.

....after a few seconds of thought, i realize that this REALLY DOESN’T help. not all these sites are for me. Textpattern Resources needs a good stats app (it lost March and April, previously, which were unrecoverable, and i thought that was pretty bad…), and so do at least two others. Ferrydust can do without, cuz i’m the only one who cares. but …there’s just got to be a reasonable solution.

*update: i’m going to turn to StatCounter for now.

05 September 2005 Monday

Labor Day Project and other today items

slated in moments, site-building at 7:44 pm

Oy. Poor BBB. current problems found on computer upon diagnostic run It’s been worse, though…

Am going to dedicated a couple of hours today on what will temporarily be called The Labor Day Project.


slated in consumed, site-building at 5:14 pm

Textdrive’s hosting for life offer is back as VC3.. This time around, the hefty percentage goes to Katrina relief, instead of open-source projects as usual. Read more on Dean’s post to the forum.
(via ubernostrum)

30 August 2005 Tuesday

Textpattern Resources Logo & Icons Design Contest

slated in site-building at 6:13 am

Well, as I just said in my last entry, the Textpattern Resources site is revamping. With that full revamp, comes the pleasant opportunity to develop a branding for the site in the form of an effective logo, and also improve navigability and nice-to-look-atability with icons.

Textpattern Resources being a community-based site, we’re inviting the community to contribute submissions for possible logos and icons.

27 August 2005 Saturday

Textpattern Resources is rebooting

slated in site-building at 1:27 am

That’s it. CSS Reboot -- Fall 2005 It simply has to get done. I’ve just registered (#379) the Textpattern Resources site (textpattern.org) for the Fall 2005 CSS Reboot.

16 August 2005 Tuesday

testing RMail

slated in consumed, site-building at 7:15 pm

this is me testing RMail.


(i dunno.)

i’m hoping this may be useful for Textpattern in the vein of email subscriptions to articles (and comments) via their rss feeds.

02 August 2005 Tuesday

upgrade to Textpattern RC5

slated in site-building at 7:53 pm

Ferrydust just went from Textpattern RC3 Revision 392—> RC5 Revision 712
*update: at rev768 as of 12august2005

26 May 2005 Thursday

Adjacent selectors should work both ways

slated in site-building at 10:16 am

absurd that CSS thought to have adjacent selectors but didn’t have any provisions for targetting an element BEFORE another, not just after.

04 May 2005 Wednesday


slated in site-building at 7:36 am

I have been diagnosed with Design Separation Anxiety.

Is that bad?

rxxx: i think i’ve learned that you get DSA

02 May 2005 Monday

Up and down

slated in site-building at 6:09 am

Playlists are up. this pleases me, because it’s all in nice lists format.. but all the content is actually messy articles in which i posted lyrics and comments are other stuff too…. but not to be seen on the playlists page! yay for css.. and yay for the <txp:article_id /> tag i’ve just discovered.

and comment forms are down. well, not down… but messier than they’re meant to be. i hear a plugin fix i on the way, so that should be all good. heh. i’m waiting for my [plugin]fix.

but mostly up.

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