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01 May 2005 Sunday

May 1st rebooted

slated in site-building at 8:32 pm

New ferrydust design is open..

A lot of really beautiful sites opened up today. Go check them all out and give them props at the CSS Reboot and May 1 Reboot sites.

and maybe I can sleep tonight..

30 April 2005 Saturday

Day before fdv2 launch

slated in site-building at 6:44 pm

‘Looking at launching this tomorrow. Not nearly ready, of course, but ready enough that it can completely replace old ferrydust and i can be happier about it.

Anyway, pardon my dust. (I do like saying that.) :)

26 April 2005 Tuesday

RewriteRule ^$ index.html [L]

slated in site-building at 5:09 am

ie. allowing index.html despite textpattern’s obsession with index.php

thank you Andrew (aka ‘birthday boy’) for the line:
RewriteRule ^$ index.html [L]

Error reporting to cure what ails me

slated in site-building at 2:52 am

note to self:

when a site is completely broken,
go into the /etc/ folder, which is above /public_html/ .. open php.ini .. search for “error_reporting

14 April 2005 Thursday

Hiding the comments form in Textpattern

slated in site-building at 4:21 am

This is a brief documentation of a few of the steps I took to achieve a customized comments system..

i had stated in the forum that i would like to be able to:

have the comments show only when you click on 'comments', rather than having the comments and commentform (particularly) shown fully when on a single_article page.

so here's how i successfully managed this on mine...

05 April 2005 Tuesday

more on the CSS track

slated in site-building at 12:29 am

so far, I have found that

the following work in IE (and not in Opera, nor Firefox):
html*#name{seemingly shows in IE and Safari;}
* html #name{seemingly exclusive IE;}
html*#name{[this will be seen in IE and in Safari;]this will be seen only by IE;}
(i wonder whether it’s better to use ‘* html #name’, or ‘html*#name’ for getting IE’s attention?)

iCapture is a great tool for viewing your page once or twice… but to try to combat real css issues, it’s just not going to work out..
i’ll have to figure something else
or i’m going to have a page that’s severely demented in Safari. which is not having me thinking nice thoughts about the browser.

*12:58am on tues05apr: it seems a little bit of position:absolute goes a long way in opera. humph to that too.

04 April 2005 Monday

Update on the (stupid) blockquote thing

slated in site-building at 10:53 pm

referring to previous post:

not very surprisingly, floating the blockquote came back to majorly bite me in the behind. after a long while of wanting to kill things, i finally isolated the problem to be the blockquote float.. but now that i’ve removed the float, the previous problem has thoroughly returned. all my problems are in IE, mind you.. and probably safari too, but what i can’t see i can’t immediately attempt to tackle and further frustrate myself with.

03 April 2005 Sunday

Learning css/xhtml along the way

slated in site-building at 11:46 pm

xhtml standards has so many rules… in ‘strict’ apparently a <blockquote> must contain <p> tags.. good to be reminded about <cite> for inline quotes.. though sometimes you really just want a blockquote within a blockquote—which apparently thoroughly illegal in ‘standards-compliant’ xhtml world.

what else have i learned…

02 April 2005 Saturday

slated in site-building at 4:29 am

ferrydust version 2 is under composition. goodness knows how i’m going to end up successfully combining the two.

24 March 2005 Thursday

Current truth, looking toward fdv2

slated in site-building at 8:13 pm

i want to revamp ferrydust. i like it enough, and it’s my house, but i’ve never really felt completely moved in.. so i guess it’s not really home yet. it’s like having the wrong notebook. with the right notebook, you’ll write in it. with the right website…i’ll write in it. it’s possible, anyway. wonder when i can get to really redoing it.. i think it’ll have to be from scratch; holding on to many of the existing elements, since there’s reason they were here in the first place.. but will have to ground- up. not “ground up”.. but from ground.. to up.

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