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15 April 2004 Thursday

WordPress on the brain

slated in site-building, consumed at 9:45 pm

i wasn’t going to spend my time on this today.. i really wasn’t.

i’ve been delving into a comparison of WordPress and MovableType.

where i’m beginning my “Word Press versus Movable Type” considerations from, are thus:

  • this (rasasayang.net my first experience with blogging.

  • as of this date, i’ve not yet opened this site to the public. only one other person has current access, and no more than five pairs of eyes have ever been “inrasasayang.net

  • wordpress looks to be very clean and promising. it’s thoroughly picking up what it’s learned from established web publishing engines-the arguably best of them being movabletype-and integrating into their standard programming what used to be available only as plugins / tweaks / hacks to MT, etc.

  • i haven’t even really looked at the so many other blog publishing engines that are out there. but WP gets rave reviews, and it could (maybe?) be a bit simpler and more organized than MT, if for no other reason than it is new and clean.

  • my number one issue / concern and biggest hesitation about moving over to a different blogging engine, is that it might not continue on its promising path. MT is very tried and very true. WP looks very true, and many people are now trying it… but it might not stay. its founders / maintainers / etc. may lose interest for their own reasons, and the WP community may or may not save it.

  • i have been waiting-anxiously, even-for MT 3.0 to make its debut. i’d even be half satisfied with an estimated (of course you can’t necessarily be sure exactly when a coding / program / project will be done) date of release, and especially a list of new features that will be in it. i like the MT community. i do. and if i could really learn how to properly use css to thoroughly code this page (must figure out how to do the three column format and stuff… so far, i think i’ve been doing a fairly creative job with tables..and trying to be as minimal about that as my limited expertise / exerience allows), then i guess i would suffer through the rebuild times and keep with MT.

  • i am a lil concerned that since TypePad is SixApart’s priority over MT (fairly reasonably.. it’s paid—MT is free), and that might make future improvements / fixes to MT slow and such. if they do make big changes, it’ll be within TypePad and not MT. so all reliance really would fall to the MT community, and the existing and developing plugins and hacks and such things. what if WP really does develop a community with staying-power, and does turn out to be sustainable and reliable and dynamic? i’d be thrilled, and probably even more hordes of us would migrate from MT to WP.

  • i’m kind of leaning toward trying WP. but hopefully i won’t do it super soon, simply because i shouldn’t be spending so much time here these days anyway! but i want to be able to clean this site up, and make it what i’d like it to be and be comfortable that i can keep building to it without having to readjust the whole thing after moving it someplace else.

i’ll probably note more on this matter later. it might be simply to say, “i’ve decided to stay here (with MT) for a while yet…” ..but it might be to say, “check it, i’m moving!” i wonder, after that pending post, how many years will pass before i open up public access to this site?

04 April 2004 Sunday

condensing this site

slated in site-building, moments at 1:37 pm

last night i got the core front page down from 17kb to 13kb, and the stylesheet from 8kb to 5kb. today i got the individual core archive pages down from 19kb to 15kb. i’ll get to fixing the monthly archive pages soon. enough of this for now, though. *reasonably satisfied* and today’s 04/04/04.

—…[elapsed time]…— okay. core monthly archive pages went from 17kb to 12kb.

04 February 2004 Wednesday

translating to css, and going away for valentines

slated in moments, site-building at 1:02 pm

i began, yesterday, to revamp the site in terms of this whole ‘web standards’ business that all my idol sites are about.. so i’m doing what i can to veer away from tables, and trying to more rapidly digest and impress css into my whole thinking and implementation… so far, it seems that to properly do that, i’ll have to at least lightly redseign it while i’m at it. i don’t want to change too much tho… i shouldn’t have to. but yes.. i dunno how much time i’ll get to focus on that in this week…

i’m going to london. :) bahbe’s taking me. for our anniversary/valentine’s day. i’ve never been to europe.. i figure it’s about time. it was gonna happen eventually, and will happen again in the future, but why not a brief interlude now, with the one person i’ll be happy to go away with. it’ll be good. no, it’ll be really good. i’m gonna go eat chocolate chip cookies right now, just to punctuate that. !

28 January 2004 Wednesday

site updates

slated in site-building at 4:29 am

i redid contentsub and contentsub2 is up (tho it still needs some help in the side right.. but i’m not even sure i’ll use it, so why spend another four hours on that one…) and please do let me know which of the three on the ‘tagline’.

27 January 2004 Tuesday


slated in site-building at 6:02 pm

textile installed. happiness.


slated in site-building at 5:27 pm

humph! fixed in two minutes what spent me hours last night trying to find and figure out on contentsub page. i only just read that article that states creative thinking is dependent on sleep. hwell!

another improperly-slept night

slated in site-building, moments at 7:32 am

alright, so i didn’t even really try to sleep early/at a decent hour this time…

no one was around to keep me company and therefore encourage me to also sleep, and even so, my plan was to work on the contentsub concept page up til about 2am, tops. but i got really stuck with two errors on it.. and it’s now pretty much 4:30am and i still don’t have one of the errors solved (the last, stupid thing.. the double vertical line up at the top displays properly in IE, but not in opera… which is a bit of a turnaround, since everything else has been looking even better in opera than in IE…). but i’m gonna toss that for tonight, and try to resist trying to fix it first thing in my day. i really do have other things to work on. and i have been. i just don’t get stuck on them like on this. there’s some passion here; self-motivated anyway..it has to be; there’s no other motivation for this.

i’m gonna have to clean my room eventually.

g’night. (the really sucky thing is, i’m tired, but not sleepy. so despite the unhappy hour, i’ll prolly be awake, lying in bed fora while.. again.)

out with tagboard

slated in site-building at 5:19 am

…now i’m not really sure… but i was still getting popups occasionally, with sitemeter out… the only thing left to kill would be the tagboard.. and that’s fine… so it’s gone for now… it could be my browser’s fault for all of this… we’ll see, anyway… i had planned to move tagboard to an isolated popup window or something, anyway. and it’s not like anyone’s seeing this site as of yet anyway, and the only person who does, never tags me anyhow.. so that’s aiight.

out with sitemeter

slated in site-building at 12:57 am

sitemeter seems to have been responsible for giving my site popups. which is not acceptable. even if the total amount of people dealing with this site, is 2. popups, without direct permission/instruction from me, should not ever ever appear as a result of anything i orchestrate. so it’s out. …please see the next post in regard to this matter

24 January 2004 Saturday

smilies in the comments :)

slated in site-building at 3:05 pm

a big thankyou to Jennifer for her script and assistance in putting smilies on my comment forms. what happiness. i’ll probably put them in my regular entries at some point too.. for now.. i am simply pleased.

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